Welcome to Project Fire – a manufacturer of innovative and sustainable fire protection solutions which are truly changing the industry. We are proud to introduce the current version of our industry standard Zonecheck technology, Zonecheck Addressable. The epitome of safety and control, it is the first system in the world to offer fully automatic testing and monitoring. To see our full range of innovative products and find out how they could work for you, click here.


Our Products

Innovative fire protection solutions for modern buildings.

Sprinkler Management

Advancing our Zonecheck technology, Zonecheck Addressable does more than just fully automated testing.



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Live Modifications

How would you like to be able to make modifications to your sprinkler system without the added hassle, cost and time of draining down? 



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Efficient Testing

We design solutions that simplify testing, sprinkler system management and improve the efficiency and sustainability of fire sprinkler systems.



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Sprinkler Talk is back, this time we take a closer look at the engineering behind the Gemini Pre-action sprinkler head, a solution that allows traditional wet sprinkler heads to be used in water sensitive areas.


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Case Studies

Mercedes analyse the impact of all business processes on the environment, leading to the installation of Zonecheck at their factories.



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Project Fire sell sustainable fire protection solutions through an established global distribution network.




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