Plug-and-play fire protection - helping you save time, money and increase revenue.


Firepods are the latest in high-tech, value engineered fire protection. These Zonecheck and Bellcheck Addressable ‘pods’ are designed to speed up installation and incorporate automatic testing facilities, built and tested off-site.



End-to-end Solution

Our end-to-end solution covers a building's entire sprinkler system from monitoring pump houses and water supplies to actuation of local zone valves and testing of flow-switches and alarm valves, providing a state-of-the-art monitoring, testing and sprinkler alarm system.


Each pod comes with a built-in automatic Zonecheck or Bellcheck testing facility, where routine maintenance can be fully managed from one central location. Each Pod’s local Intelligent Monitoring Module (IMM) monitors it’s core components so you have up-to-the-minute feedback and status reports on the current condition of the sprinkler system.


The Addressable Controller provides 24/7 feedback and management of all the Zonecheck and Bellcheck Addressable Pods giving you full control over a building fire strategy.



What are Firepods?

Our Addressable Pods provide a compact core riser solution that saves on the floor plan, increasing available revenue for every floor within a building.



OPEX Savings

Our pods not only reduce installation costs and time but also operational costs by negating the need for manual routine testing and facilities management.


Makes project planning easier, saving on building materials and resources. Zonecheck and Bellcheck both offer excellent year-on-year water savings.

Space Saving

The use of pre-modelled pods reduces the size of your core riser while increasing available revenue for the life cycle of the building.


Connect each pod during building construction to enable sprinkler protection to finished floors.

Factory Assembled

Dramatically simplifies installation and commissioning stages.

Quick & Easy Installation

It’s unique plug-and-play design means that installation time and overall costs are dramatically reduced.

Pod Configurations

There are several different variations of our Pod technology, please see below for configurations.


Zonecheck Addressable Pod - A fully contained automatic flow-switch tester, pipework, zone valves and drainage facilities, pre-built and tested within a compact frame for easy on-site installation and commissioning.


Wet Bellcheck Addressable Pod - Designed for wet systems. A fully trimmed alarm valve station with built-in automatic weekly testing facility. Built within a compact steel box section frame and tested at our factory for plug-and-play installation and commissioning.


Water Supply Pod - An engineered, fully monitored compact water supply pod that saves space and simplifies installation.



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