Sustainability in Fire Protection


As a company we are taking our environmental responsibility seriously. We create products that save large amounts of water, energy and reduce maintenance requirements. We have developed innovative solutions that aim to create a greener, more sustainable fire protection industry.


Water is key to all fire sprinkler systems however, regular testing of sprinkler systems has previously been achieved by releasing vast amounts of water from systems directly to local drains. These tests are required by the industrial standards authorities to ensure that a system remains 'fit for purpose.' We believe that this important task can be carried out in a more sustainable way and more should be done to steward these wastful practices. We felt that this waste of water and energy was no longer acceptable and set about developing systems to minimise water loss and address green issues, while still enabling fully compliant testing.


Providing Green Fire Protection Solutions

Project Fire are committed to developing green, innovative and sustainable fire sprinkler system solutions. Our products are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of fire sprinkler systems, making the best use of resources and keeping environmental impact to a minimum.


Every year our products make a tangible difference, saving thousands of litres of water and helping thousands of buildings to reduce their carbon footprint worldwide.



"Alarm valve testing alone discharges 32,760* litres of drinking water down the drain per year for each valve set!"



The routine inspection and test regime of a fire sprinkler system demands that a vast amount of water be wasted on routine tests either annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly. Project Fire have developed solutions to address these onerous mandatory tests with the express objective of being ‘green’, saving water, energy and costs.


ISO 14001: Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 is designed to help our business remain commercially successful, while effectively managing our environmental responsibilities by putting in place robust policies to conserve resources and save money.


ISO 14001 places environmental management at the heart of our operations to achieve sustainable success. This international standard helps us to reduce our environmental impact as well as deliver considerable environmental, economic and social benefits by providing a framework for managing sustainability.


ISO 50001: Energy Management System

Project Fire are ISO 50001 Energy Management certified. This standard, introduced in early 2014, gives us another opportunity to set us apart from our competitors by endorsing our sustainability and energy management credentials. To meet the criteria, Project Fire must have an energy policy and help to reduce energy wastage; we are aiming to reduce energy usage by 5% each year from a baseline figure. Investing in new energy efficient lighting for the warehouse is a good example of this, reducing energy consumption while providing much more light to work in. 


Being accredited to 50001 will also save time and effort in the future by pre-empting various international energy management standards that will be made a requirement in the upcoming years.


Looking Forward

We are committed to innovation and providing approved, quality fire products with an emphasis on sustainability. Project Fire has its own in-house research and development department who create new and exciting green solutions which benefit building owners, tenants and the environment. 


Whether it is developing water saving products for the Middle East or developing innovative solutions for the harsh environments of the offshore industry, Project Fire is committed to providing green solutions that help everyone to effectively manage the planet’s most valuable resource - water.



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