Providing the Requisite Pressures for a Major Hotel Chain


The Marriot Hotel in Liverpool was in a position where the town main’s pressure could no longer provide the required pressures at their sprinkler control valves. This shortfall of the incoming water supply meant that the original design of the safety provisions at the hotel were no longer sufficient. The life safety system could no longer meet the required hazard risk, rendering the system non-compliant by LPC standards.


Being a hotel, space is at a premium and any disruption to guests is always to be avoided. Looking for the best way to circumvent these issues, Pressurecheck was highlighted as a very compact alternative to a pump and tank system.


Pressurecheck is a pressure boosting system designed specifically for instances such as these, where town mains can no longer supply the requisite pressures or flow rates or in instances where fire provisions have changed and no longer meet the required risk. The system works by drawing water from the mains and boosting them by means of a pump and anti-vacuum chamber. Pressurecheck takes up roughly two car parking spaces and its unique ‘plug & play’ design means that installation time and overall costs are dramatically reduced.


To meet the hazard classification at the hotel, a OH3/45 one piece solution (for tighter spaces whereby the modular system can be broken down into separate parts to fit through a standard doorway) was installed quickly and with minimal disruption. The Pressurecheck at the Marriott Hotel Liverpool now boosts the water supply at the main control valves, providing the requisite pressures for the sprinkler system at the hotel, bringing the system back into compliance. 


Many of the headaches traditionally associated with contracting and alternative solutions can be eradicated by using Pressurecheck and because of the off-site nature of the product, we can dramatically reduce the on-site costs normally caused by snagging issues. 


In an increasingly crowded world, where space is at a premium, space saving solutions such as Pressurecheck are becoming essential.



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