Protection 56 million passenger a year.

Britain’s fourth biggest station, London Bridge, connects the Overground and Underground lines and sees almost 56 million passengers pass through its busy platforms each year.

During the period of construction, 17,000 individuals were involved in the redevelopment, including the team at Project Fire. Zonecheck, Project Fire’s sprinkler flow-switch testing system, was integrated into the redevelopment project to ensure that maintaining fire safety was a priority for the new station. Network Rail chose stakeholders who could guarantee that stringent safety procedures were met, and that the station remains compliant according to British and EU Standards.

A fire sprinkler system that is regularly tested and maintained is crucial for any public area, but especially so for train stations which are mostly enclosed and subterranean. During the construction and mobilisation phase, train stations must be built to be secure and safe to fully protect the large amount of people using the station each day.

To account for a rising urban population in the capital city, London Bridge station can now accommodate 90 million passengers per year. The landmark station also includes a massive new concourse, five new platforms, shops, cafés, and leisure facilities, as well as new entrances, escalators and lifts to every platform.

”We were really happy to help with this project, especially given the stations history. Our products are designed so that they correctly and compliantly test a sprinkler system, reducing fire risk and unnecessary energy and water waste. Zonecheck now tests every flow-switch in the London Bridge station including the retail units, helping to maintain the system to strict fire codes so, we can be confident that people are safe in every section of the station.”

Samantha Wordsworth, Project Director of London Bridge redevelopment told Building Review “the main challenge has been keeping the station running throughout each stage of construction and has heavily influenced both the design and delivery of the project. This has demanded a forensic level of planning and engagement with stakeholders.” The aim of the development was to create a faster, more pleasant travel experience, so that the station becomes a destination in its own right and an asset to the surrounding area. Network Rail and the Thameslink Programme have purposely redeveloped the station as a central point to meet, eat, shop and socialise. In fact, Network Rail introduced 92,000 sq. foot of new retail space and more than 70 retail units, which is the most Network Rail has ever built into a station.

“Zonecheck is an efficient, modern sprinkler flow-switch test system, which is already installed throughout major UK transport locations such as St. Pancras Station and Heathrow Airport.”

Project Fire’s Zonecheck was also part of the Thameslink Programme. The fire sprinkler testing manufacturer subsequently helped to protect the entire station concourse, all service spins, and London Dungeon which is adjacent to the station. The Zonecheck ensured a compliant, efficient and environmental fire safety system was implemented for the whole area. Project Fire has also worked with the Rail Industry Fire Association (RIFA) on how to modernise maintaining fire safety in the UK’s transport sector with new automated technologies and solutions (such as Livetap) that enable the live modification of sprinkler systems, allowing public spaces to remain in use as sprinkler protection is maintained throughout any planned works.