Flying the Green Flag


Frankfurt Airport has a tradition of commitment to preservation of the natural environment. Whether its aircraft noise or natural resources. Under the control of Fraport (the airports operator) sustainable development of the airport is of high consideration.


The Fraport Group, selected on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index World is one of the most important sustainability indexes, which comprises of the top 10 percent of the leading sustainability companies in the world. These indexes only list companies that show exemplary corporate sustainability performance in terms of economic, ecological and social success factors.


Fraport are committed to progressing there environmental targets each year and are continuously enhancing the environmental performance of the airport. Even so funds totalling three million euros have already been put aside over the last few years for environmental improvements. Highlighting areas in which the airport could reduce its use of natural resources, in particular the high volume of drinking water consumed at the airport, new water saving practices were being implemented across the airport. 



"Fraport are listed in the top 10 percent of the leading sustainability companies in the world."



Innovative water saving technologies such as Zonecheck are to be installed throughout the airport. Zonecheck saves 100% of the water normally discharged to waste when carrying out routine tests on the sprinkler systems. Not only is Zonecheck sustainable, it saves time and money. 


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