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Sprinkler Talk

Sprinkler Talk started out as a series of short educational videos, we have now taken this idea a step further with a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) platform where we will be hosting a free 20-minute CPD webinar every week. We will be covering a range of topics related to automatic fire sprinkler systems from the latest legislation to new innovative developments within the industry.


See below for a list of available webinars and dates, please note all webinars are scheduled for 10am GMT. You can also subscribe to the Sprinkler talk! newsletter below and receive regular updates and invitations.




How to Join

The online webinars will be hosted via Blue Jeans video conferencing and all you need to do to get logged in is click the button below at the scheduled time. Once you've followed the link to the Blue Jeans page you should see an option at the bottom 'JOIN WITH BROWSER'.



Date Title
07 May Aim of a sprinkler system, fire sprinkler statistics and current legislation
14 May History of sprinkler systems, the difference between property protection and life safety sprinkler systems and the basics of how they operate
21 May Sprinkler operation re-cap. Water supply options, designations and duration times
28 May Wet and dry risers
04 June Sprinkler heads part 1
11 June Legionella and bio-filming

18 June

Latest sprinkler news
25 June Types of sprinkler systems
02 July All about life safety
09 July Sprinkler heads part 2
16 July Residential sprinkler systems part 1
23 July

Sprinklers vs Mist part 1

This presentation will look at the main differences between sprinkler systems and mist systems, in particular the size of water droplets produced and how this affects the way in which the fire is tackled.


30 July

Sprinkler System commissioning

This presentation will focus on how sprinkler commissioning is conducted in a commercial environment under BS EN 12845. We will go through a generic check list of items which will need to be tested, demonstrated and handed over to the building owner or end user.  


06 Aug

Basics of head layout

This presentation will look at the rules for setting out sprinkler heads in a ceiling and how these rules can be applied in real life where there are other factors to consider such as ceiling tiles, aesthetics and other obstructions. Presentation will show rules for industrial/commercial as well as Residential/Domestic.


13 Aug

Sprinkler hazard categories

This presentation will look at the different hazard categories found in Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Domestic settings using the appropriate British Standards. Examples of each hazard class will be given along with guidance on considerations for decision the most appropriate hazard category for an application.


20 Aug

Residential sprinklers part 2

Following on from part 1. This presentation will look at remaining aspects of residential sprinkler systems such as multi-storey applications, high rise applications, mixed use applications, alarm/signalling and testing & maintenance requirements.


27 Aug

Water storage tanks (including reduced capacity)

This presentation will focus on water storage tanks and will look at the different materials that can be used, suction conditions, reduced capacity options and other requirements.  


03 Sept

Sprinkler heads part 3

Following on from parts 1 and 2, this presentation will look at the remaining aspects of sprinkler heads such as data sheet information, flexible drops and specialist sprinkler head types.


10 Sept

Use of installations and zoning in sprinkler systems

A look at the limitations and maximum sizes of different types of installations (wet, dry, pre-action etc.) and zones for industrial and commercial sprinkler systems under BS EN 12845.


17 Sept

Sprinkler vs mist part 2

Following on from part 1, this presentation will focus on some of the advantages and disadvantages of mist systems in comparison to sprinkler systems such as reduced water storage, suitability for different fire types, installation standards and approval standards.


24 Sept

Frictional loses part 1

This presentation will introduce the idea of frictional losses in pipework and the need to calculate it in sprinkler systems. The presentation will examine the main equations that are used to calculate frictional loss and give some basic worked examples.


01 Oct

High-rise sprinkler protection

This presentation will look at some of the additional equipment and considerations required/recommended in buildings that are classed as high rise. The presentation will include a detailed look at multi-stage fire pumps.


08 Oct

Sprinkler testing and maintenance routines

This presentation will take a look at the testing and maintenance routine as detailed in section 20 of BS EN 12845 and TB203 and will answer the questions of what is required to comply with these standards on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis.


15 Oct

Modular sprinkler construction

This presentation will take a look at the general concept and advantages of modular construction and how this can be applied to automatic fire sprinkler systems. The presentation will include a detailed look at Project Fire’s pre-fabricated firepods.


22 Oct

25 year inspection for sprinkler systems

This presentation looks at what is stated in BS EN 12845 annex K and TB203 regarding a 25 year sprinkler inspection and test regime.


29 Oct

Extent of sprinkler protection

This presentation looks at areas of buildings that are listed as permitted exceptions for sprinkler coverage for industrial/commercial and domestic/residential. The presentation will also look at other options to omitting sprinkler protection.  




Sprinker Talk Library

You can view all our past Sprinkler Talk presentations below.


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