No. Gemini is only approved with the supplied sprinkler head that is fitted at the factory.

Yes, the stand alone monitoring panel has functionality to provide a fault relay output compatible with most any panel and systems including BMS.

Gemini uses VdS approved fast response sprinkler heads. The activation temperature is 68°C and the adjusted K factor is 55.

Gemini connects onto standard sprinkler pipework to connect onto the supplied 1” union.

Gemini is currently available with VdS approval.

Yes, Gemini can be installed in areas with false and exposed ceilings. Gemini is supplied with speciality designed rosettes for this purpose.

Gemini is designed for use where water damage from sprinkler heads is a real concern but the protection that the sprinklers provide is still required/desired. Typical uses are small server rooms/electrical rooms within lager buildings such as offices, retail, hospitals and transportation hubs.

Gemini is a pre-action sprinkler head meaning that it has the benefits of additional protection against accidental water discharge (similar to specialised pre-action sprinkler systems) compacted into a single unit. Gemini features two sprinkler heads, both of these heads must be activated in order for water to be discharged (in a fire situation). Where just of the heads is activated, a fault alarm is generated but no water is discharged prevented accidental water release.