Although there are similar designs on the market, we believe our boards offer the best quality of materials and workmanship. Also, our boards feature clear instructions printed onto the board to better ensure correct operation by the end user.

Yes. Our boards have all the required components and features to meet BS EN 12845 code standards such as having two pressure switches for each fire pump, lockable ball valves, galvanised pipe work and a design to ensure that the board will still operate in a fire situation even if valves are accidentally left closed.

Our Pump initiation boards are suitable for other applications such as wet risers. Components such as the pressure gauges and pressure switches can be changed to suit different applications and different pressures. Please ask for more details.

Our standard sprinkler boards come in 2-way (one jockey pump and one fire pump), 3-way (one jockey pump and two fire pumps) and 4-way (one jockey pump and three fire pumps) varieties.

A Pump Initiation board (PIB) is a pre-fabricated unit which is designed to perform weekly tests on the fire pump and jockey pump. The board allows for pressure to be dropped locally to the pressure switches without needing to discharge large amounts of water. The board effectively tricks the pumps into activating so that the “cut in” (and cut out) pressures (the point at which the pump is triggered) can be checked to ensure they are as designed. Any variation can be fixed by adjusting the pressure switches accordingly.