Arup Attend Project Fire's Sprinkler Academy

December 13th, 2017


In December, Project Fire ran a tailored fire sprinkler academy for public health engineers from the world leading consultancy group, ARUP.


The three-day course provided the engineers with a deeper understanding of sprinkler systems, an insight into code standards, unique hands-on sessions, a window into our manufacturing & quality control systems, as well as an opportunity to discuss the various challenges within sprinkler design, installation and ongoing maintenance.


Project Fire’s dedicated product development team created a unique education package for ARUP’s health engineers, which included:


  • Sprinkler head layout and spacing
  • Frictional loss calculations
  • Practical session on sprinkler modification works
  • Sprinkler maintenance requirements
  • Fire pump design, requirements and sizing (provided by SPP Pumps)
  • Practical session on addressable sprinkler technology
  • Quality control procedures and practises at our manufacturing facilities
  • Practical session assembling (and then pressure testing) a Zonecheck
  • Extent of sprinkler protection in buildings
  • Overview of BSEN 12845 and BS 9251



We purposely created our unique sprinkler training academy to help consulting engineers who are responsible for the initial stages of sprinkler specification and layout.  The course was designed to be interactive, engaging, and practical, with opportunity for in-depth questions and open discussions.



“I attended the three day course at Project Fire and found it very informative. We spent a good amount of time going through sprinkler standards, how the systems are designed and specific industry information that we can put to good use for our own projects. We also received practical exposure in the manufacturing and assembly areas, where we got hands-on experience with the sprinkler equipment and products.”


Sotiria Lavasa, Public Health Engineer, ARUP



“The course was really useful, the knowledge I gained will definitely help me with future projects, and will reduce the amount of time spent researching how sprinkler systems operate and interact with other systems and devices. The course was also really interesting, especially assembling and testing the Zonecheck Addressable. I actually think that more health engineers should attend this sprinkler academy because it will really help them with their own specifications and layouts.”


- Bartosz Florek, Public Health Engineer, ARUP



“The course was well planned and I thought being exposed to how sprinkler systems are designed and calculated in accordance with the code standards was especially useful. I am now much more informed about fire pumps and how they work. I found the course really engaging; assembling and testing the Zonecheck Addressables was definitely a highlight for me.”


- Anastasia Dharma, Public Health Engineer, ARUP


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