Project Fire Host Fire Consultants Tenos for CPD & Factory Tour

Press Release, October 9th



Project Fire organised and held a tailored Continuing Professional Development day for international fire engineering consultants TENOS.


Project Fire has 40 years of experience working in close collaboration with consultants throughout the UK and across its international markets. The sustainable fire sprinkler manufacturer has continued to build an open and fluid communication network with international consultants to continue to educate on and push for more efficient, compliant, and sustainable fire sprinklers in residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.

17 junior and senior fire engineering consultants attended the educational seminar, where Project Fire’s dedicated research and development team carried out an in-depth sprinkler CPD, shared insightful industry knowledge and conducted an informative manufacturing tour.


The Project Fire CPD focused on technical overviews, property protection guidelines, life safety implications, innovations in automated testing and monitoring of sprinkler systems as well as updated international fire sprinkler regulations and codes.


The bespoke training event also helped to fill any knowledge gaps for the TENOS international team, who came from a variety of sectors and had various levels of fire sprinkler experience.




“As a leading fire engineering consultancy, Tenos are focused on developing innovative design solutions for buildings and complex facilities. Project Fire has some great concepts and inspiring product ideas which we will look to incorporate into our designs to benefit our clients.”


Stuart Kerr, Associate Director, TENOS



Building an Educational Platform for Change

Education is a Project Fire pillar stone. The team use their 40 years of industry experience and recognised fire sprinkler expertise to create a wealth of in-depth training courses, fire protection academies, thought-pioneering events and tailored professional development sessions.



“We believe that by sharing our in-depth knowledge and established expertise we can help raise a platform of learning across multiple industries which will lead to improved fire sprinkler knowledge and practices.”


Andy Fisher, Product Manager.





Project Fire continues to pump innovative research, manufacturing expertise and thought-pioneering fire sprinkler practices into the UK and its international fire protection markets.


The team at Project Fire strongly believes that being an instigator of change, within the fire sprinkler industry and across multiple connected sectors, has a direct impact on improving fire safety regulations for buildings. Raising awareness about the importance of fire sprinklers through education can spark a real shift in how the UK and international markets view, regulate and manage fire protection practices in the future.



For more information on our CPDs, our innovative products or our educational packages, get in touch with the Project Fire team.


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