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8 September 2017



Project Fire’s automated and sustainable fire sprinkler testing and monitoring system, Zonecheck Addressable, has been installed in Vrinnevi and NÄL Hospitals in Sweden. Both Hospitals are undergoing large renovations to expand, modernise and innovate their healthcare facilities.


Zonecheck Addressable is a crucial part of the renovation and expansion of the sprinkler systems for Vrinnevi Hospital in Norrköping. The system will fully automate the flow-switch testing which will save time, money and water and energy while providing a fully addressable system for the flow-switches, testing pumps and monitored valves. The system can also send information to the hospital's management system via SCADA to provide a real-time, digital information loop for system status and fire alarm conditions which accurately monitor remote fire incidents and faults from a centralised location.


Zonecheck Addressable was also the clear choice for flow-switch testing on the newly installed sprinkler system at NÄL Hospital in Trollhättan. The fully automated soft testing of the flow switches saves time and eliminates wasted water from manual testing. 





A Unique Fire Sprinkler Solution for Swedish Market

Project Fire is a global company and has several international distributors, including Nordic Sprinkler, who is forging the way for innovative sprinkler design in the Nordic region and is raising awareness about how Zonecheck Addressable can not only reduce intervention and maintenance time but also save energy and eliminate water usage.


Zonecheck Addressable offers a unique product for the Sprinkler Industry, its innovative design, sustainability and in its energy, water and financial savings are just a few of the benefits it offers.



“There is currently no other sprinkler system available in Sweden that is as technically advanced, complies with local and national regulations and offers an automated system which is digital connected to building management systems via SCADA - which is why most Swedish consultants recommend Zonecheck Addressable for hospital building projects.”


Benny Wallén, Sales and Marketing Manager, Nordic Sprinkler



The recent successful installation of Zonecheck Addressable in 2 Swedish Hospitals also comes as the country’s focus is acutely fixed on the healthcare sector. The country is undergoing groundbreaking hospital restoration throughout the country. Healthcare is a national hot topic and the government is heavily investing in healthcare services across the board.


There is also a huge demand in the Swedish market for new technology that can augment daily life and improve Swedish society. The market is swiftly moving away from traditional systems in favour of integrated, streamlined, and pioneering inventions.



“There is a big push in Sweden for innovative technology that can combine with environmentally friendly design. The government has already created several regulations and accreditations for public and private buildings to ensure that new buildings and renovations become more environmentally conscious and sustainable for future generations.”


Anton Persson, Chief Technology Officer, Nordic Sprinkler



There are numerous new Hospitals and hospital refurbishments in Sweden where Zonecheck Addressable has been specified, Project Fire and Nordic Sprinkler will continue to work together and in conjunction with various consultants within the region to promote and galvanise an already innovative market.



“We are very happy to be working closely with Nordic Sprinkler and to be progressing well in Scandinavia. The region is a leader in fire engineering and SCADA innovation and we believe that our mutual passion for ground-breaking technology and sustainable fire initiatives are a perfect fit.”


Andy Wild, Sales Director, Project Fire



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