Fire Safety Experts come together at Safe for Life Event

Press release, 11th May 2018.


Project Fire Products Ltd. hosted the first Safe for Life event where international experts who work across the built environment came together in London on May 2nd and 3rd to hear inspiring talks and discuss the ways we can move forward together to ensure that a tragedy like Grenfell tower never happens again.


Fire safety experts attended Safe for Life 18 to share knowledge and innovations, to ensure stricter fire regulations are enforced and that the government is held to account and listens to combined expert voices.


Over 200 people attended the two-day fire safety event, including representatives from BAFSA, NFSN, BRE and architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors, national UK fire services and business owners from the UK, Europe and Asia.


The event highlighted what has so far been achieved since the Grenfell Tower tragedy, what is still to be done and how, we as an industry, can push for tangible change to make buildings safer for everyone.



Amplifying our voices to move forward and push for change

Safe for Life welcomed many high-profile speakers to the event who passionately spoke about fire safety for the built environment and how they think we can improve the safety of our buildings.


Keynote speaker, Nick Ross, journalist, broadcaster and Crime Watch presenter, gave a passionate opening address where he implored us all to keep the pressure on our governments and continue to work together so that fire safety in our buildings remains at the top of government agenda and in the public eye.


“A lot of effort post Grenfell is going into having a blame culture. I, and the people present here today are much more concerned about the future. How do we prevent this from happening again and how to we get people to fit sprinklers into all social housing? How do we get building regulations properly enforced and inspected in the future? That is our focus at this event today.”



- Nick Ross, speaking to London Live at safe for life 18



The events other inspirational speakers presented a range of pertinent topics for the fire safety industry, at a time when the government, the media and the people are listening to what experts believe needs to change.


Topics included the latest UK sprinkler regulations, sustainability and zero carbon housing, European fire safety mandates, integrated building technologies, innovation in the fire industry and why overpopulation and the increase in high-rise buildings will affect how we deal with fire safety in our lifetimes.





The future for fire safety in the UK

The Safe for Life event in London also comes as the London Assembly report “Never Again, Sprinklers as the next step forward towards safer homes.” is released, which strongly pushes for sprinklers to be retrofitted and implemented into new and existing residential properties in England.


The findings of Dame Judith Hackitt’s independent Grenfell Tower review are also due to be released in the coming weeks, as the 1st anniversary of the tragedy approaches. The findings of the review are greatly anticipated by the fire safety industry, who believe it will help bring much-needed weight to the continued push for stricter regulations in the UK and ensure such a tragedy never happens again in the UK.



“We launched Safe for Life in Spring 2018 just as public, media and government attention is back on fire safety regulations for our buildings. Safe for Life is an independent, educational platform and international forum for experts and stake-holders in the built environment, who have come together to work productively as one voice and to seriously enact stricter regulations in our buildings across the world. Safe for Life is about looking to the future while never forgetting the lessons of the past.”


- Stuart Cain, CEO of Project Fire



Project Fire and cross-industry experts who attended the event will continue to openly work together, ensuring that our voices are heard. Safe for Life will become an international platform where we unite and continue to be leading voices in the push towards stricter regulations and tangible change for fire safety in the built environment.


To find out more about the Safe for Life event, what Project Fire has planned moving forward and how you can be involved contact Sara Benaissa, Head of Communications,



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