Fire Sprinkler Engineers of the Future

8 September 2017.


Project Fire, Arup and YEN (Young Engineers Network) combined industry forces to create a fire sprinkler CPD event for engineers wishing to gain in-depth knowledge of fire sprinklers systems, learn about current regulations, and understand their crucial value for sustainable building projects.


“The event was professionally executed and very interesting. I had the opportunity to learn a lot of new and useful information which I will put to use in the future” Paulina Stanislawskczy, Engineer for DSSR.


The event took place on London Embankment in July, where a mixture of 30 public health engineers, fire engineers and building services engineers attended from consultant groups and local councils. The event’s goal was to give an engaging overview of fire sprinkler design to help young engineers navigate the fire sprinkler codes and standards which they often handle when working on sustainable building design projects.



 “It was very useful to learn how an experienced manufacturer such as Project Fire approaches fire design and who offers a solution that is safe, reliable and compliant.”


Anna Cesenni, Environmental Services Engineer, Arup


Educational Thought Leaders

Project Fire is a manufacturer of innovative products for the automatic fire sprinkler industry which not only saves water and energy but also reduces labour costs and makes compliant testing, monitoring and modifications easy. Project Fire is also a centre of education and hosts several CPD events and Fire Sprinkler Academies throughout the year.



“Project fire is passionate about helping to educate industry experts and the public on fire sprinklers. Education has always been one of our most important tools in facing existing fire safety challenges. We believe that the Grenfell tower tragedy has raised national awareness regarding the importance of fire safety in buildings and why regular checks, tests and inspections play a vital role in keeping people safe”


Andrew Fisher, Product Manager, Project Fire



Engineers from Arup invited Project Fire to host the fire sprinkler event in July after they attended a Project Fire Training Academy earlier in the year.


Paria Moghaddar, an environmental services engineer for Arup and educational officer for the building industry, attended the Academy and believed that collaborating with Project Fire would create wider awareness of fire safety innovation for building projects and create a platform for engagement as well as necessary industry discussion around the importance of fire sprinklers for building design.



“We found the Academy very useful, well-organised, and insightful. We were already aware of Project Fire’s industry expertise, manufacturing credentials and design consultancy experience. We also liked how Project Fire is both strong on research and education, which we felt was the perfect combination for a fire sprinkler CPD event for our young engineers.”


Paria Moghaddar



Arup works with expert manufacturers and creates educational events for the sustainable building industry. YEN is an organisation for young engineers and nurtures open communication between manufacturers and engineers so that their members are always aware of and updated on the latest developments and technologies.


YEN and Project fire will continue to work together and collaborate with other industry experts to push for the most effective fire safety design in the sustainable buildings sector. Project Fire is also planning to use its industry expertise and educational platform to create more seminars, fire safety events and fire sprinkler Training Academies to continue to improve fire safety awareness in the UK and fight for safer and stricter fire sprinkler regulations.



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