Introducing Firepods - An independent report on the cost benefits.

21 August 2018


Firepod, designed and manufactured by Project Fire, is the first fully-modular sprinkler zone valve/alarm valve and test assembly in the industry. The product has been specifically created for architects, designers, contractors, building developers and owners to offer a solution for the procurement, installation, operation and whole life cost of sprinkler systems in the built environment.


Project Fire commissioned an in-depth and independent cost study by the Building Services Engineering Cost experts, MEPQS. The report details both the cost, staffing and convenience benefits for Firepod, a pre-fabricated, plug-and-play, compact fire sprinkler solution with integrated smart testing and monitoring facilities. The report is based on a new high-rise construction in Canary Wharf, London.





This a summary of the independent report offering a comprehensive study of modular components assembled in factory conditions as well as a comparative analysis with traditional sprinkler zone valve assemblies. Further analysis of the wider construction benefits is also presented as key points of argument for Firepod’s tangible added-value in the design and procurement phase of sprinkler installations.



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