Project Fire Attends Unica’s “Innovation in Fire Safety”

Press Release, 13th December 2018


Project Fire Products Ltd, a manufacturer of innovative fire protection solutions, was invited to speak at Unica’s “Innovation in fire safety” event in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands on the 6th of December.


The event saw stakeholders from across the Netherlands come together to discuss new sustainable practices and innovative products. Approval bodies, industry influencers and key decision makers were all in attendance and collaborated on this year’s theme “Innovation and Sustainability” for fire safety in the Netherlands.

Unica believes that it is the company’s moral duty to be the driving force for positive change in the Dutch fire safety industry. Fire codes are not as stringent as in other European countries and Unica wants to bring the region up to the same best practice standards as their neighbours and ensure innovative technologies are brought to the foreground.


Unica recently became Project Fire’s distributor in the Dutch Market and both organisations are currently working closely together to ensure that Project Fire’s sustainable sprinkler testing and monitoring systems are widely adopted by the market. This year’s event was the official launch of Project Fire’s Zonecheck, Livetap and Bellcheck products in the Dutch market. The products were aligned with the innovative theme and audiences learnt how each product saves on water, energy and reduces a building’s carbon footprint.  




“Project Fire’s presentation was very interesting. I am confident that the influencers in our fire safety market will feel inspired to change their perspectives on innovative fire safety products. The next step is to work together on-the-ground in the Netherlands.”


Jeffrey Hoppenbrouwers, Account Manager, Unica




This innovative event was opened by Unica’s Director, Tom Verschoor, who encapsulated the focus of the day with the statement “Sustainability is a political choice”.



“I am very glad that we were able to attend this year’s event. The theme is something that Project Fire continues to lobby for, so that governments and stakeholders can see how new technologies can help increase safety whilst benefitting the environment. I couldn’t agree more with Tom’s statement, sustainability and fire safety is a political choice and there are many key players who aren’t prioritising it correctly. We believe by working together, with organisations like Unica, we can push for the change that we both want to see.”


Phil Walker, Creative Manager, Project Fire



At the event Erik Haan, Contracts Manager at Unica carried out live demonstrations of the products to delegates, which included a live under pressure drill, alarm valve and flow-switch testing at the touch of a button, without wasting a drop of water. The demo showed first-hand the benefits these products bring to a buildings fire strategy. The event was closed by Unica’s Jeffrey Hoppenbrouwers who talked about driving the ‘next generation of sprinklers’ and extinguishing fires smarter and more efficiently.



Project Fire also ran a fire safety event in London this spring. International fire experts and building consultants attended Safe for Life 18 and discussed current issues the industry faces, both in the UK and internationally. The most pertinent was the shortfalls that lead to the Grenfell Tower tragedy, and how we must continually innovate but crucially work together as one holistic building system to ensure a tragedy such as Grenfell never happens again.



“The Project Fire team has a long-standing history of working together with other regional thought leaders and trade associations. We also actively support each of our distributors so together we can introduce our new innovative and sustainable technologies across the globe. Unica’s event was a fantastic kick-start to help Unica as they push for change in the Netherlands”


Andrew Fisher, Product Manager, Project Fire



Project Fire is currently working with Unica on a major international airport project where their products could potentially save over 6 millions litres of water per year.


Want to know how we can save all that water? Contact us here.



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