Latest BIM Files Now Available


Project Fire's Firepods are pre-fabricated, pre-wired and pre-tested units for modular sprinkler installation. They are available for zones (with Zonecheck, monitored isolation valve, non-return valve and drain) and installations (with Bellcheck, alarm valve, monitored isolation valves, bypass and drain).

The units have been designed in 3D (Solidworks) in order to create a compact design which still allows access for future maintenance and service. BIM files are available for our Firepod range and in response to feedback, we have now made available a simplified BIM file with a much reduced file size. Our latest BIM files include Ø100mm & Ø150mm Zonecheck Firepods.

These BIM files simplify and speed up design and also gives clear space requirements early on in the construction process. This helps to reduce the size of core risers and plant rooms, freeing up additional commercial space.

All our BIM files are available on request or if you would like more information on the cost saving benefits of installing Firepods you can download the QS report summary on our website here.



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