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Project Fire & Minimax-Viking Enter a New Chapter

Following nearly two decades of success, Project Fire and Minimax-Viking have together penned a new licensing agreement to bring our latest Zonecheck Addressable technology to the European market.



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Gemini - Sprinkler Talk!

Sprinkler Talk is back, this time we take a closer look at the engineering behind the Gemini Pre-action sprinkler head, a solution that allows traditional wet sprinkler heads to be used in water sensitive areas.



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New Innovation for 2017, Firepods

The future of prefabricated fire protection, speeding up installation times and associated costs while saving space on floor plan. 



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Sprinkler Talk!

Sprinkler Talk is our new e-channel providing a platform for discussion and sharing our technical expertise, check out our latest videos here.



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Zonecheck Features at Feuertrutz 2017

Project Fire’s Sabrina Whittingham traveled to Nuremberg, Germany to assist Minimax and Viking on their stand at Feuertrutz, a trade fair for preventative fire protection.



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Speed Up Your Testing Routines

Learn how Queen Elizabeth Universirty Hospital tests all there 98 zones in a matter of minutes.





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