An Experience to Remember for an Aspiring Engineer


Project Fire are always looking to help our local community in what ever ways we can and last week we gave an opportunity for a young college graduate looking to gain experience in Design Engineering. This is what he had to say about his stay at Project Fire (in his own words)...


Let me start off by telling you about myself; I am 22 years old, I play video games and meet up with friends in my spare time, I enjoy building things i.e. computers and I love formula 1 and the engineering behind it.


As part of an Engineering college course, I was informed that I needed to undertake a minimum of 30 hours work experience that was related to engineering. I considered my interests and decided to search for a design aspect of engineering. After 2 hours of looking through page after page of companies that specialise in Design Engineering, I stumbled across what I was soon to discover was the best work experience placement that I could have ever asked for, Project Fire.


Now if you are reading this, be sure to note that this review is my own opinion and they didn’t offer me any bribe towards the company’s image, even though (being a student) I would have considered taking one if it was offered… (hint, hint).


Anyway back to my experience at Project Fire. From the first email I sent explaining my situation at college and my interest in the company, I received warm feedback on how the company could help me and my career. Before I knew it, my work experience was organised and my first day had arrived. Walking up to the reception area was quite nerving as I had not seen any employee of Project Fire in person. Seconds later I was greeted by Brian Smith, a Quality Manager at Project Fire who I had been in contact with leading up to my first day. With a smile and a firm, welcoming hand shake, I knew that this company was professional from the off. We had a chat about the company and then a tour of the building, with all of the company’s developments listed over the past years. To be honest, I felt more like an employee about to start full time employment than a college student. After a few health and safety documents, I was introduced to the Design Engineering team Andy Fisher, David Disbury and Mikael Riley. Shortly after that, I was welcomed by the Director of Project Fire, Stuart Cain. A professional introduction was established, followed by Andy appointing me to my own desk.


 After getting acquainted with my desk and the team around me, I was invited to watch a slide show presentation about the company’s successful history, the present and future goals. Learning about the company and the products they produce was quite interesting, even to a 22 year old who likes fast cars and flashing lights. I soon saw just how professional this company really is, with a friendly attitude towards both their business and their employees. But it doesn’t stop there; even the Director has a type of charm to his customers and business partners that many would not realise. I already felt like an important part of the company.



"I soon saw just how professional this company really is, with a friendly attitude towards both their business and their employees."



A conversation on what I can and can’t do had given Andy an idea of what I could learn from this experience and how I can improve on skills that I have never tested in a working environment. A few software issues later and I was developing 3D Solidworks models of components. Every step of the way I was being advised on how I could hone my skills and put a professional feel into my work. I’ve never felt that being part of a design & engineering team would feel so good. Once I had made my way through some 3D models, I was attending to other tasks like sharing my thoughts on product development, coming up with ideas for a social media campaign and simple file manipulation. This friendly atmosphere never left the room.


Throughout the week, the team ended each day how it started, with a warm greeting and some humorous conversation. Coming to the end of my week, I was asked about my future ideas and I was strongly encouraged to go to university to progress with Design Engineering as they felt that the skills I demonstrated were extremely good.

Thus comes to the end of my review. There isn’t one word that describes what skills I have developed, my introduction to the company, experiences I will never forget or even the friends I have made. I would strongly advise anyone looking for a placement, work experience or employment in engineering to come to Project Fire.


To everyone who has made me feel welcome this week “thank you”.


- Dan Bird



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