Livetap Prepares for Nordic Takeover


The relationship between Project Fire, in the UK, and Nordic Sprinkler, based in Sweden, continues to develop and gather pace. In March, we once again met up with Per Slagbrand (Managing Director) and Benny Wallén (Sales Manager) to prepare for Nordic to become distributors of both Zonecheck Addressable and Livetap in the Nordic region.


Interest in Livetap, as a result of the presentation that we gave to consultants and contractors in Sweden back in January and the ongoing publicity that Nordic have put in, has really boomed. The Livetap system allows sprinkler modifications to be made without draining down. This method has some key sustainability, cost saving and logistical benefits over traditional methods. We see Nordic Sprinkler has the perfect company to take Livetap forward in this region as they have the storage, infrastructure and facilities already in place to store, distribute and train others in the use of Livetap. Benny spent three days at Project Fire’s headquarters in Staffordshire being trained to trainer level for Livetap.



"We see Nordic Sprinkler has the perfect company to take Livetap forward in this region."



We are pleased to say that Benny passed this training with flying colours and have sent over all of the necessary equipment for him to set up a Livetap training school at their base near Stockholm. We have already received an enquiry for around 20 technicians to be trained up on Livetap so it looks as if Benny is going to be busy training over the next few months! 



Per took an active part in a meeting where developments to Zonecheck Addressable were discussed. It may already be in a class of its own for remote sprinkler testing and monitoring but we are keen to listen to our customers, distributors and resellers to make the product even better. The meeting was a great success with agreement over the direction of product areas for further development. We hope to introduce new features in the near future once the software and hardware has been fully tested. Watch this space!



7th March, 2016



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