Largest Life Safety Project in Europe


Project Fire have just commissioned a Zonecheck Addressable system at the New South Glasgow Hospital (NSGH). Monitoring all ninety five zones, the Addressable system has been set up to automatically test every Zonecheck each month.


Not only will this save over 360,000 litres of water each year, using Zonecheck Addressable negates the need for maintenance staff to gain access to any clinical environments throughout the hospital’s thirteen floors; a burdensome practice traditionally required for manual testing. 


Automatically managed by a single controller located in the building management suite (BMS), the Addressable Controller monitors all ninety five flow-switches, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. The smart system flags any errors with system flow-switches or zone valves whilst automatically managing the monthly ‘soft tests’ that comply with code standards without activating the alarms. 


This addressable technology is ground breaking for sprinkler system management and an ideal solution for buildings with multiple zones. We are delighted to have installed the system in such a prestigious project.


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