Zonecheck Product Improvements



Over the past several months our R&D team have been busy developing our acclaimed Zonecheck product range. We’re happy to announce two new approved product improvements to make Zonecheck even more efficient, reliable and innovative.


First of all, we have a new circulation pump; the pump is a key component of Zonecheck where quality and performance are of great importance. The new pumps make use of the latest technology including electronically commutated motors, wet rotor encapsulation, motor protection features and higher efficiency ratings to meet new ErP regulations. The pumps have been designed and developed for life time wear and tear and have been tested to 80,000 operating hours. For Zonecheck, this would mean something like 120,000 years of use!


Secondly, even though the industry moves towards automated testing and monitoring with our latest technology Zonecheck Addressable, as an innovator we still look to develop our legacy products, this time in the form of a new key-switch. The redesigned key-switch has been specifically developed for use with Zonecheck and is manufactured here in the UK. Once again, this component makes use of technology advancements and will be even more reliable and easier to install. A fresh innovation to this design includes a third LED indicator (in addition to LEDs which indicate pump running and the activation of the flow-switch) which can be optionally wired to a local zone valve to indicate a valve fault. Isolation valves that are accidentally left closed or are not reopened following planned or unplanned maintenance are extremely dangerous as sprinkler protection is basically turned off, which is the number one reason why sprinklers fail. The new ‘Valve fault’ visual indicator will help to prevent valves being left in the incorrect position.





The pricing structure remains the same and nothing has changed in terms of operation and mechanical installation however we have made on-site wiring easier with the addition of a junction box mounted onto the manifold. Zonecheck is still fully approved and the upgrades will be implemented across the Zonecheck product range (non-residential) including retro-fit, Zonecheck Addressable, Firepods and our latest addition to the Zonecheck family, Zonecheck V


We have updated our product documentation to reflect these improvements, which are available to download from our website or can be emailed over in a pack at your request. Please contact us if you have any technical questions regarding these product changes at or call us on 01889 271271.



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