Delivering Excellent Customer Service in Sweden

Case Study, October 30th



Project Fire is a manufacturer of sustainable products for the testing and monitoring of fire sprinkler installations. We deliver high-quality customer service in the UK and across all our global markets where we work in close collaboration with our distributors to ensure we go above and beyond when supporting our customers in any market or project.


In October, our Scandinavian distributor Nordic Sprinkler, swiftly and effectively dealt with an urgent customer request concerning our Addressable system at Helsingborg hospital in Sweden. The hospital was in the critical stages of their mobilisation period, with 2 days until the Hospital went into full operation.


Nordic Sprinkler, immediately provided a dedicated trouble-shooting phone service where they supported the client. Project Fire were also on call to help Nordic Sprinkler with any Addressable queries which would quickly and fully resolve the customer’s technical request.

In addition to their technical issue, Helsingborg Hospital wanted to upgrade the standard addressable system to one with SCADA capability. It was decided that both Project Fire and Nordic Sprinkler would send an engineer to the site with the necessary components to complete an upgrade to their system in a timely manner, prior to the Hospital becoming fully operational.



“At Project Fire, dedicated Customer Service is more than just a phrase, we actively work hand in hand with our distributors to remain close to their needs and those of their customers. We combined forces with Nordic Sprinkler to ensure that we exceeded their customers’ expectations to complete their request in a prompt and efficient manner ensuring a minimum of disruption to their operations.”


Jake Walker, Technical Manager, Project Fire



Both companies pooled their combined engineering experience and knowledge to remedy the customer’s technical request and upgrade the system within 24 hours of the client’s first contact and also prior to the operational start of the Hospital.



“The customer was extremely impressed by the level of support and speed at which we provided expert advice, troubleshooting support and on-site expertise, this could not have been possible without the solid support of Project Fire. As distributors, Nordic sprinkler values close working relationships with manufacturers such as Project Fire, who never fail to go above and beyond the call of duty for our customers” 


Anton Persson, Technical Manager, Nordic Sprinkler



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