Fully automated weekly testing. No complicated procedures, helping you save time, money and water.


Sprinkler system testing can be very wasteful although it can not be ignored. An installation’s alarm valve is designed to activate an alarm when a sprinkler head discharges water. This feature is routinely tested and is mandatory for keeping a system code compliant. 


Carried out weekly; this test results in over 32,000 litres of water being poured down the drain every year for each alarm valve-set! Project Fire have developed Bellcheck, designed to target this inefficient testing routine; saving water, energy, time and money.


Testing Made Simple

Bellcheck takes all the hassle out of weekly routine testing by reducing this test to a simple push of a button, or better yet, fully automated testing can be setup using our Addressable system. 


An addressable Bellcheck can be configured for fully automated testing as per client’s specification with all test information and system status submitted back to the controller. The printer then provides a time and date stamped test record. This valuable feedback plus the unique ability to perform automated testing (coupled with Zonecheck Addressable, our flow-switch tester) means that an entire system can be effectively managed from one central location. Using Bellcheck Addressable enables all alarm valves on-site to be tested automatically in the background without any human input.



No Water Discharge

With Bellcheck there is no need to discharge water, saving 32,000 litres of water per alarm valve every year!


With no water discharge there is no need to run large fire pumps to refill the system following every test, saving large amounts of energy.


Bellcheck is approved by LPCB, VdS and WRAS and is fully compliant with BS EN12845 requirements for weekly alarm valve tests.

No Complicated Procedures

With Bellcheck testing can be either carried out at the touch of a button or be fully automated.

No False Alarms

Bellcheck has an additional alarm functionality eliminating any potential false alarms associated with the fire sprinkler alarm valve stations.

No Engineers Required

Expensive service contracts to carry out weekly sprinkler system tests are no longer needed.

Sustainable Testing

Not only is Bellcheck cost efficient, it is also very sustainable. Without Bellcheck, undertaking mandatory testing involves the discharge of huge quantities of water. It is also becoming increasingly common for this water to be metered as water discharged for testing does not constitute fighting fire.


Traditional testing methods require an engineer to manually drain off approximately 630 litres of water for every alarm valve (typically large fire pumps are then run to refill all this discharged water). This arduous process of discharging water and then refilling the system is carried out for every single alarm valve.


Service contracts are normally in place to carry out these costly test routines. Not only that, traditional testing vastly speeds up corrosion at the alarm valve (due to fresh oxygenated water being introduced into the system weekly), it also adds extra wear and tear on the fire pumps as manufacturers recommend not to run against closed head.


Bellcheck can do all this without wasting a drop of water, no large fire pumps are required to refill the system and no contractors are required on-site.




Globally, the conventional testing of automatic fire sprinkler systems account for billions of litres of clean water poured down the drain. Bellcheck forms part of a family of patented products and solutions from Project Fire which aim to reduce water wastage, while simplifying testing.


How it Works

An alarm-valve is designed to activate an alarm when a sprinkler head in the system discharges water. 


This function is tested weekly by manually opening a ½” valve to drain off approximately 630 litres from the system to simulate one sprinkler head in operation. As the water discharges, the clack in the alarm valve lifts. This allows water to flow and operate the alarm gong. The flow and pressure switches act as a further means of sounding the alarm and provide an electric signal to an external alarm panel or our Addressable Controller.


Bellcheck tests the above by simulating the flow of one sprinkler head in operation. It works by pumping water from the chamber above the alarm-valve to the chamber below causing the clack to lift. This easy and simple test can be activated locally by turning a key-switch (or push button on an IMM) or automatically using our addressable system.


Technical Details

Working Pressure    Water 15 bar (218 psi) maximum
Operating Voltage   1~230v 50Hz
Pipe Diameter   80, 100, 150 & 200mm (3, 4, 6, & 8")
Approvals   VdS, WRAS, LPCB



Bellcheck conforms with the relevant code requirements detailed in BS EN12845 and NFPA25. Bellcheck is also fully approved to LPCB, VdS and WRAS standards. 




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