“We have saved around 70-80% of installation time by using the Firepods on this project. They get delivered to site and are in position, ready to be connected within a couple of hours. As a project manager, using Firepods certainly takes away a lot of the stress and hassle usually associated with high-rise projects.”

“It was very useful to learn how an experienced manufacturer such as Project Fire approaches fire design and who offers solutions that are safe, reliable and compliant.”

“The commercial advantage of specifying Firepods pays for the entire installation within its life-cycle even without taking all the Zonecheck testing benefits into account.”

“We help to deliver projects with safer, more integrated fire safety systems, with tangible CAPEX and OPEX savings over the life cycle of the building.”

“There is currently no other sprinkler system available in Sweden that is as technically advanced, complies with local and national regulations and offers an automated system which is digitally connected to building management systems via SCADA – which is why most Swedish consultants recommend Zonecheck Addressable for hospital building projects.”

“Project Fire has some great concepts and inspiring product ideas which we will look to incorporate into our design to benefit our clients.”