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How much water does Zonecheck save?

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Zonecheck saves around 320 liters per test. For a building with 50 flow-switches designed to BS EN 12845 (quarterly testing), Zonecheck saves 64,000 liters annually.

What is an IMM?

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IMM stands for Intelligent Monitoring Module. Each Zonecheck has its own IMM. The IMM can initiate a local flow-switch test, receive inputs from the local flow-switch and zone valve and has an ‘auxiliary out’ fire connection. Every IMM is wired into a looped system that connects to the controller.

Are BIM files available to download?

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Yes, Revit families have been created for all types of Firepods. Please contact us to request the files and we will send them over to you.

Are pump initiation boards only used for sprinkler systems?

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Our Pump initiation boards are suitable for other applications such as wet risers. Components such as the pressure gauges and pressure switches can be changed to suit different applications and different pressures. Please ask for more details.

Are the pump initiation boards BS EN 12845 compliant?

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Yes. Our boards have all the required components and features to meet BS EN 12845 code standards such as having two pressure switches for each fire pump, lockable ball valves, galvanised pipe work and a design to ensure that the board will still operate in a fire situation even if valves are accidentally left closed.

Can Firepods be connected together?

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Yes, all our Firepods have a consistent dimension from floor to the centre of pipe meaning they can be easily connected together even when mixing sizes. Our Zonecehck Firepods are designed to fit together for larger number of zones (three or more). When joined together, all equipment is still accessible for testing and maintenance purposes.

Can I insert different sprinkler heads into the Gemini unit?

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No. Gemini is only approved with the supplied sprinkler head that is fitted at the factory.

How big is Pressurecheck?

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Presurecheck is roughly 3.4m long by 2.3m wide by 2.3m high. It is made up of five principle frames and a sectional tank (AVC) which means that it can be broken down into sections small enough to fit through a standard doorway. This makes for easy delivery and installation in tight spaces. Please contact us for a full list of prerequisites including require access space around the unit.

How do I activate a flow-switch test?

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Full installation and operating instructions can be found in our instruction booklet, please ask for a copy to be emailed to you. Please note that a flow-switch test using Zonecheck will NOT discharge any water but will likely result in a fire signal being generated. To activate a flow-switch test, turn the key in the key-switch to “self test”, at this point the “Pump Running” LED should illuminate. After a brief period (up to 60s) the “flow-switch” LED should illuminate to indicate a successful test. Record the testing being completed and return the key-switch to “stand-by” mode.

How do you carry out a test with Zonecheck Residential?

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Zonecheck Residential has three options for testing. Firstly, our mini-switch offers a no-frills approach with simple on-off functionality, our regular Zonecheck key-switch offers additional security, feedback and grouping features and finally, Zonecheck Residential is also fully compatible with our Zonecheck Addressable technology.

Is Gemini approved

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Gemini is currently available with VdS approval.

What are life safety requirements?

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Where a sprinkler system is installed for purposes of life safety, legislators, clients, consultants, and fire sprinkler contractors should be aware that the specified works and design shall comply with life safety standards stated in approved document B. Technical Bulletins do make some enhancements regarding life safety that also extend to the “upkeep” (by employing TB 203 as a replacement to clause 20) and therefore TBs are often specified for life safety sprinkler systems (even though they are optional).

What can I use Livetap for?

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Livetap is compatible with our range of fittings including drain valve (Kwik Drain), sprinkler tees (No Drain T) and Zonecheck Live which allows for a Zonecheck to be fitted around an existing Zonecheck.

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