Project Fire has long history in contracting and servicing and now we have applied our knowledge to focus on manufacturing and consulting, offering guidance through a whole project from design stages through to completion and ongoing maintenance.

As a manufacturer with a history in contracting and servicing we feel we are in a great position to offer the best after sales service and added value to our customers. We can offer the following support and more to our clients:

  • Dedicated technical support
  • Project support
  • Help with technical drawings and BIM
  • On-site commissioning assistance
  • Extended manufacturer warranties
  • Industry training


We pride ourselves on our after sales service.

If you have a site issue or problem with your order and want to contact a member of our team, please fill out the form or send an email to or call us on +44 (0)1889 271271


What are life safety requirements?

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Where a sprinkler system is installed for purposes of life safety, legislators, clients, consultants, and fire sprinkler contractors should be aware that the specified works and design shall comply with life safety standards stated in approved document B. Technical Bulletins do make some enhancements regarding life safety that also extend to the “upkeep” (by employing TB 203 as a replacement to clause 20) and therefore TBs are often specified for life safety sprinkler systems (even though they are optional).

How do you carry out a test with Zonecheck Residential?

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Zonecheck Residential has three options for testing. Firstly, our mini-switch offers a no-frills approach with simple on-off functionality, our regular Zonecheck key-switch offers additional security, feedback and grouping features and finally, Zonecheck Residential is also fully compatible with our Zonecheck Addressable technology.

Are BIM files available to download?

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Yes, Revit families have been created for all types of Firepods. Please contact us to request the files and we will send them over to you.

Is Zonecheck Addressable approved?

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Zonecheck is approved by LPCB, UL, FM and VdS (as well as other local approvals), Zonecheck Addressable as an entire system has also been approved by UL.

How often is flow-switch testing required?

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It is mandatory for systems designed to BS EN 12845 all that flow-switches installed on a system are tested quarterly. This test normally requires engineers to locate and open drain valves and discharge water from the system. Zonecheck and Firepod can carry out this test automatically, saving 100% of the water.

What do I need to know about exercising sprinkler valves?

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All valves controlling the flow of water on a sprinkler system designed to BS EN 12845 should be exercised on a quarterly basis and monitored for the correct position. Zonecheck Addressable provides provisions for the monitoring and remote testing of zone valves.

Can other equipment be monitored via Zonecheck Addressable?

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Yes, Zonecheck Addressable has been designed to accept signals from other equipment such as Gemini, Bellcheck, trace heating modules, pump house signals and additional stop valves.

Is Zonecheck Addressable compatible with other panels/systems such as BMS?

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Yes. Zonecheck Addressable is specifically compatible with Kentec Syncro fire panels and BMS systems using the SCADA Modbus protocols but can be used with most all panels and systems in other ways. Please talk to one of the technical team at Project Fire for more information.