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Project Fire are recognised worldwide as leading innovators in the field of fire protection. With 40 years experience, Project Fire have successfully developed a portfolio of products designed to improve the efficiency and sustainability of fire sprinkler systems. All products are fully tested and approved to meet international safety standards and codes.



"All our products are designed and manufactured in the UK."


All our product are designed and manufactured in the UK. Click here to see our full range of innovative fire protection products.


About Us

With over 40 years of experience, Project Fire are leading innovators within the industry, providing superlative fire protection solutions and consultancy. We ensure that our clients benefit from innovative fire engineering, built upon professional expertise and years of research in the field of fire protection.


The group have developed and brought to market a number of unique, patented and fully code compliant products that are now sold globally through an established distributor network. Click here to see a full list or our fire protection products.


We operate a vigorous and vibrant research and development scheme that focuses on bringing products and solutions to the market, specifically to meet the need of the ‘fixed’ fire protection industry. Many of our products not only solve conventional problems such as making sprinkler installation and testing easier, but they also tackle the issue of sustainability; reducing the overall carbon footprint of a sprinkler system. Our products can even provide major ongoing cost savings alongside the environmental and ease of use benefits.


We use our specialist knowledge to provide efficient, effective and sustainable fire protection. We not only consider the immediate threat of fire, but the long-term threat of global water shortages.



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