Innovators in Fire Protection.

“Project Fire is a manufacturer of innovative fire protection solutions that are truly changing the industry.”

Project Fire are manufacturers of innovative fire protection solutions that are truly changing the industry. We are a driving force behind what can be done to ensure the safety of people within the built environment, by installing smarter more efficient systems that go above and beyond the industry approved and standard practice.

We are committed to developing green, innovative and sustainable fire sprinkler solutions. Eradicating inefficient and wasteful practices are key aspects of Project Fire’s philosophy. Our vision is to educate the industry and reduce environmental impact by lowering the amount of water and energy needed to install and maintain fire sprinkler systems, reducing overall carbon footprint.

Project Fire are pioneers in the development of intelligent fire protection solutions. As a forward-thinking company, we strive to innovate and advance the industry with the latest technologies, creating smarter, safer and more sustainable buildings. Our technology ensures more effective systems and procedures for testing, management and monitoring of fire sprinkler systems.

Reputation for quality and forward thinking.

Through collaboration and exploration, Project Fire have successfully partnered with progressive organisations to overcome many fire protection challenges. Over the years this has led to the development of a range of smart testing equipment that minimises downtime and provides significant environmental and economic savings.



We want to help push the industry forward with innovation and education.

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