Innovative Fire Sprinkler Solutions


Firepods are the latest in high-tech, value engineered fire protection. Firepods® are designed to speed up installation and incorporate automatic testing facilities, built and tested off-site.



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Total Sprinkler System Management

Zonecheck Addressable is the only approved, fully compliant solution for fire sprinkler testing and monitoring.



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Pre-action Sprinklers

Gemini is a 'double knock' pre-action sprinkler head which allows the use of traditional sprinklers in water sensitive areas.



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CPVC Zonecheck

Our CPVC Zonecheck comes in various models to residential applications.




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Boosted Water Supply

Pressurecheck is a compact water supply solution designed to boost your sprinkler system back into full compliance.



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Live Sprinkler System Modifications

Our under-pressure drilling system removes the need for draining down, ensuring fire protection is maintained at all times. No dirty water discharge… no difficult backfilling… just quick and easy modifications.



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Flow-switch Testing

Zonecheck is the industry standard sustainable flow-switch tester which saves time and money when carrying out routine tests.




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Residential Testing

Zonecheck Residential is a bespoke solution for sprinkler system testing in residential and domestic properties.




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Pump Initiation Boards

Pump initiation boards are designed for testing of sprinkler system pump initiation pressure switches in compliance with LPC sprinkler rules.



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Our expertise in the field of fire protection combined with our innovative technology enables us to carry out full sprinkler system integrity inspections efficiently providing the client and insurer/AHJ with objective scientific analysis of the current condition of the pipework and remaining wall thickness. 



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