Zonecheck Addressable

Automated sprinkler system
testing and monitoring.

The only approved fire sprinkler alarm, monitoring and automated testing system.

Take complete control of your sprinkler system with our Zonecheck Addressable system. The only approved, smart, life safety system that monitors and manages your sprinkler system remotely. The system instantly notifies you of the location of any fire or faults and automates your testing routine and brings peace of mind for monitoring, testing, and code compliance.

Zonecheck Addressable is the only approved fire sprinkler alarm, monitoring and automated testing system. It utilises the latest state-of-the-art technology to provide a smart fire strategy for a building’s sprinkler system. The system gives building owners/tenants the ability to monitor and manage sprinkler system components, alerting you of any specific faults and locations via the controller.

How it Works

From the controller you can program a building’s flow-switch testing routine. Testing can be carried out automatically in the background or at the touch of a button with the addition of printed test record and internal memory log, providing peace of mind for code compliance.

The controller can also differentiate a fire condition signal from a test (‘soft testing’), enabling testing to be carried our independently of other auxiliary equipment e.g. smoke vents, fire doors and escalators, isolating and eliminating the risk of false alarms. This allows a sprinkler system to be effectively managed from one central location without the need to organise third parties or contractors to carry out testing.

Every sprinkler component installed on the loop is consistently being monitored via the IMMs e.g. flowswitches, zone valves, trance heating, pump house, relaying information to and from the controller, something that other addressable systems simply cannot do.


Keep operational costs down with Zonecheck’s efficient method of routine testing and reduced facilities management.

The controller takes care of testing routines for you in the background notifying you if there are any issues.

Pro-active monitoring of building’s sprinkler system and components.

Saves water, energy and labour reducing the carbon footprint of managing a sprinkler system.

All managed components stay fully code compliant. Full pass/fail test and event log provided.

Easily integrated into a building’s fire alarm system or BMS.

System Components

Automatic flow-switch tester, circulates water around the flow-switch so there is no need to discharge water.

Zone Valve

The IMM has the ability to connect to other auxiliary equipment such as a local zone valve and monitor for the correct position.

Intelligent Monitoring Module

Each Zonecheck requires its own IMM. IMM’s initiate testing and can also monitor auxiliary equipment such as local zone valves, trace heating, smoke vents and pump house signals, relaying its status to the controller.

Controller & Printer

Every IMM is wired in a looped system back to the controller. From here you can manage the entire addressable system. An optional LED identification (IDENT) panel is available, utilising an intelligent link from our addressable controller.


The system is approved to UL 346, meaning the controller, IMMs and Zonechecks are approved as a system for testing and monitoring flow-switches. Zonecheck Addressable also complies with key principles of life safety codes and is compliant to BS EN 12845 & BS EN 12259-5 standards.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zonecheck Addressable?
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Zonecheck Addressable is a Zonecheck which is controlled and monitored via a central controller specifically designed by Project Fire. The Zonecheck unit (comprised of flow-switch, circulating pump and test line), is wired to an IMM (intelligent monitoring module) instead of the key-switch which can be found on non-addressable versions. The IMMs are linked to a Zonecheck Addressable Controller where all testing, monitoring and record keeping for flow-switch testing and more can be achieved from one central location.

What is an IMM?
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IMM stands for Intelligent Monitoring Module. Each Zonecheck has its own IMM. The IMM can initiate a local flow-switch test, receive inputs from the local flow-switch and zone valve and has an ‘auxiliary out’ fire connection. Every IMM is wired into a looped system that connects to the controller.

Is Zonecheck Addressable approved?
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Zonecheck is approved by LPCB, UL, FM and VdS (as well as other local approvals), Zonecheck Addressable as an entire system has also been approved by UL.

Can other equipment be monitored via Zonecheck Addressable?
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Yes, Zonecheck Addressable has been designed to accept signals from other equipment such as Gemini, Bellcheck, trace heating modules, pump house signals and additional stop valves.

Is Zonecheck Addressable compatible with other panels/systems such as BMS?
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Yes. Zonecheck Addressable is specifically compatible with Kentec Syncro fire panels and BMS systems using the SCADA Modbus protocols but can be used with most all panels and systems in other ways. Please talk to one of the technical team at Project Fire for more information.