Zonecheck Residential

Sustainable, remote flow-switch testing for domestic properties.


Zonecheck has been installed in commercial buildings world-wide and saves hundreds of thousands of litres of water every year. As we move to a more sustainable approach to our residential buildings, fire sprinklers are rightly being considered as a vital piece in the green jigsaw.

Sprinkler systems save lives as well as property, however, they do require regular testing to ensure that they work properly. Traditionally, an average of 100 litres of drinking water will be wasted as it is discharged to a local drain for every test. 



"Zonecheck Residential can perform this test remotely without disturbing tenants, while saving 100% of the water normally discharged to waste."




The residential model has been designed as a compact solution that can be easily installed in tight spaces within domestic properties.


Automatic fire sprinkler systems for domestic (single occupancy dwellings) and residential (multiple occupancy dwellings) properties are firmly on the agenda for governments both in Britain and abroad. Wales is currently taking a lead in this regard by introducing legislation to install sprinklers into all new and refurbished residential care homes, homes in multiple occupation and hostels. 


Code Compliant

Zonecheck is code compliant, easy to use and requires no specialist skills - a test is activated at the turn of a key. Zonecheck Residential is a factory assembled and fully tested unit that can be installed with ease.



Project Fire's Residential Zonecheck takes our green fire protection solutions to domestic and residential properties. This means that all of the sustainable benefits (such as 100% water savings and reduced carbon footprint) and maintenance benefits (such as ease of testing and lower maintenance costs) of our innovative products can be drawn on for housing projects.


Saving Homes

Knowing the location of the fire in a multiple occupancy building can greatly speed up rescue operations and reduce property damage. When Zonecheck is installed for each apartment rather than every floor, the seat of the fire can be quickly identified.


Accidental sprinkler release can cause massive amounts of water damage. Knowing the location of the activated sprinkler head would drastically reduce this damage. Aside from fire damage, the Fire and Rescue Service may resort to breaking down doors in search of the activated sprinkler head. Once again, locational information is key to reducing damage and inconvenience to residents.


Hassle Free Testing

A compliant test can be carried out by building maintenance services via a simple key-switch resulting in zero disruption for tenants.



  • Quick, easy and simple testing
  • 100% water saving
  • Remote testing
  • Saves at least 100 litres of water for every test
  • Simple installation
  • Code compliant
  • Know the location of a fire or fault
  • Greatly reduces damage caused by accidental sprinkler operation


Technical Details

Working Pressure    Water 12 bar (175 psi) maximum
Operating Voltage   1~230v 50Hz
Pipe Diameter   25, 32 & 40mm (1, 1¼ & 1½")
Approvals   LPCB



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