Pump Initiation Board

Easily test pump pressure switches according to LPC rules.

A new standard in pump initiation boards.

Pump initiation boards are designed for testing of sprinkler system pump initiation pressure switches in compliance with LPC sprinkler rules. Our standard boards include two pressure switches for each main pump (BS EN 12845) and a single switch for the jockey pump. Each pressure switch can be isolated so its function and cut-in pressure can be verified during system servicing. Our boards are built to the highest quality on the market and undergo the same rigorous factory testing as all our products do.


Optional custom branding included on each board.

100% factory tested.

Branded pressure gauges upon request.

Printed aluminium composite back board.

Instructions and video link for simplicity of testing.

Compliant boards for BS EN 12845, BS 5306 & LPC sprinkler installations.

Technical Specifications


BS EN12845 ‘double switch’

Board material

4mm aluminium composite

Board mounting



Galvanised steel

Ball valves

Lockable type


Glycerine filled with no loss connectors

Non-return valves

Spring loaded type

Test valves

Brass with control orifice

Pressure switches

Bailey & Mackey

Connections (in)

Inlet unions, ½” (15mm) BSP

Connections (out)

1” (25mm)

Board Configurations

Our boards come in a wide range of options (2-way, 3-way & 4-way) or bespoke configurations. Our standard board is a BS EN 12845 compliant ‘double switch’ design up to 14 bar. For installations that require higher pressures we can supply 25 bar initiation boards. We can also provide BS5306 compliant ‘single switch’ boards in various configurations.

Our boards are designed to meet the requirements of BS EN 12845, BS 5306, BS 9990 (wet risers) and LPC sprinkler rules.

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