Live sprinkler system modifications.

Sprinkler modifications without the added hassle, cost and time of draining down.

Livetap is a major innovation for making modifications to sprinkler systems. No drain down is required, making it the simplest, fastest and most cost effective way to make modifications while complying with all fire sprinkler system codes.

The Livetap under pressure drilling concept has been developed to address the issues that arise when planning and implementing modifications and additions to existing sprinkler systems, and modifying existing sprinkler head locations.

Livetap allows qualified engineers to undertake work on live systems, without the need to drain down. Fire protection is maintained at all times during the sprinkler works. Consequently there is no need to advise fire authorities or close the building while work is in progress, minimising business disruption.

Using Livetap ensures no dirty water discharge, no difficult backfilling and no complex downtime arrangements, with the use of Livetap an engineer could add or move a sprinkler head in under two hours.

System Benefits

There is no need to drain down the sprinkler system to make modifications with Livetap, all works can be carried out live.

As there is no need to drain down sprinkler protection remains live so, there is no need to notify fire authorities or insurers of any planned works.

There’s no need to isolate alarms, fire pumps and with no waiting around for systems to drain or recharge, sprinkler works can be done in a fraction of the time.

As sprinkler protection is maintained during works, there is no need to shut down parts of the building, phase works or put additional security measures in place.

Livetap comes with a wide range of fittings designed to make modifications and small works easier.

The Livetap under pressure drilling system is fully approved and meets all relevant fire code standards.

Under Pressure Drilling Training

The Livetap drilling system comprises a range of specially designed drilling equipment and accessories together with fully approved applications for small sprinkler works, system extensions and modifications. Although Livetap is a well proven and reliable system, only suitably trained and qualified personnel can use the Livetap under pressure drilling system and associated product range. Engineers are required to attend a competency training course at an approved Project Fire training facility to become certified. More information on training can be found on our website.

Livetap Applications

No Drain T

Specially designed mechanical tee engineered to provide a branch tee outlet without an in-line valve. Allows the ‘live’ installation of additional sprinklers. Available in a wide range of pipe sizes.

Kwik Drain

Using Livetap technology allows the user to quickly install a drain connector in the most beneficial location on the system without draining down.

Kwik Vent

Kwik Vent is used to vent troublesome trapped air within sprinkler pipework. This connection can also be used in conjunction with freezing equipment to modify/alter small pipework arrangements.

Drill & Toolkit

The Livetap tool boxes incorporate all the drilling equipment and accessories needed to undertake live sprinkler modifications.


The Livetap system has been developed to comply with all fire sprinkler system code standards. Livetap products and fittings have been tested and approved by LPCB, FM, UL and VdS. Only certified installers can use the Livetap system, information on training and becoming a certified can be found on our website. Only approved Livetap fittings and components must be used in conjunction with the Livetap under pressure drilling system.



Add Livetap under pressure drilling to your arsenal.

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Featured FAQs

What is Livetap?

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Livetap allows for sprinkler modifications and additions without draining down. Pipework can be drilled with the water remaining at pressure within the pipe. This has many advantages including saving a large amount of time and water.

Is Livetap approved?

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Yes, we hold approvals for the system and fittings from LPCB, VdS, FM and UL. This system is the only approved method for drilling into live sprinkler pipework and has proven to be safe and reliable since it launched in the early 2000s.

What can I use Livetap for?

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Livetap is compatible with our range of fittings including drain valve (Kwik Drain), sprinkler tees (No Drain T) and Zonecheck Live which allows for a Zonecheck to be fitted around an existing Zonecheck.

What do I learn on the Livetap training course?

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Our training course will run through the theory behind Livetap before progressing onto dry cutting to get to grips with the equipment; once this is completed, students will move on to use Livetap on our live sprinkler system. The day finishes with instruction on how to disassemble and clean the drill before a small exam to test knowledge gained during the day.

What do I need to get started?

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Toolkits and fittings are available from Project Fire Products Ltd. However, in line with approval mandates, a training course (typically one day) must be completed before purchase. Please contact us for more details.