Looking for a way to boost the water supply to your sprinklers?


Pressurecheck is our highly engineered compact water supply solution designed to bring your sprinkler system back into full compliance.


Taking up roughly two car parking spaces, Pressurecheck is a very compact alternative to a pump and tank system. It works by drawing water from the town mains supply to feed a sprinkler system which cannot reliably meet the minimum pressures required for a specific risk. It can also be used as a direct alternative to traditional pump and tanks systems, increasing valuable revenue space and streamlining



As Pressurecheck is built and fully tested in our factory, it can be delivered and installed quickly with minimal disruption. Offering a unique plug-andplay design means that installation time and overall costs are dramatically reduced.


Requisite Pressures

Fire protection regulations specify that sprinkler systems must be supplied at a minimum pressure appropriate to the fire risk. Any reduction in town main pressure can render a fire protection system non-compliant.


Pressurecheck boosts the sprinkler system pressure in situations where the towns-mains pressure is unsuitable and has been designed as an engineering solution to meet code standards (clause 9.2.2 (BS EN12845:2015)).


Pressurecheck has a WRAS approved back-flow prevention system with a reduced pressure zone (RPZ), this means that no water that enters the sprinkler system will be able to contaminate the drinking water supply.


System Features

Space Saving

Pressurecheck roughly takes up two car parking spaces, ideal for buildings with limited access or space.

Modular Design

Pressurecheck can be broken down into parts for easy delivery and positioning in-situ (each part fits through a standard size door).


No new building/or pump house is required giving massive savings in construction materials, multiple site visits, building waste and disruption.

Quick & Easy Installation

It’s unique plug-and-play design means that installation time and overall costs are dramatically reduced.


Pressurecheck is BS EN12845 compliant, WRAS approved and only uses LPCB approved components.

Factory Assembled

Simplifies the projects planning, installation and commissioning stages.


In an increasingly crowded world, where space is at a premium, space saving solutions are becoming essential. Not only does Pressurecheck deliver massive space savings, it also simplifies the project planning, installation and commissioning stages.


In most cases, traditional pump and tank solutions often require lengthy installation periods, involving construction work, extensive planning & coordination and costly visits (and re-visits) by electricians, fitters and tank engineers etc.


Pressurecheck, however, is pre-built in the factory and arrives fully pre-wired and tested, ready to be connected to the sprinkler system. Many of the headaches traditionally associated with contracting can be eradicated by using Pressurecheck and because of the off-site nature of the product, we can dramatically reduce the on-site costs normally caused by snagging issues and complications that invariably crop up.


How it Works


Under normal operating conditions, the sprinkler system is supplied via the town mains. Route 1 shows water from the town mains (A) passing through the RPZ (B) and supplying the sprinkler system connected at (C). Should the town main's supply drop below the required pressure, route 2 is automatically initiated. The pump (D) is activated, drawing water from the A.V.C. (Anti Vacuum Chamber) (E). The town main then refills the A.V.C. via the high capacity float valves (F). Pressurecheck is always able to maintain the correct system operating pressure even when main's pressure is unreliable.



Pressurecheck’s smart design enables the unit to be disassembled into small sections (see diagram below) capable of fitting through a single door frame. This makes it ideal for existing buildings with limited access. When in position, the sections can be easily re-assembled and connected up ready for commissioning.


Technical Details

Footprint*    3.4x3.1x2.8m (WxDxH)
Inlet/Outlet   6"/6" (grooved connection)
Back-flow Prevention   Danfoss BA4760
Fire Pump   OH1/2/3 Fire Pump†
Proving Device   OH1/2/3 Flow Proving Pipe†
Jockey-Pump   Lowara P70
Float Valves   2 x Minimax SV-2
Water Storage   Anti-Vacuum Chamber
Steel Protective Pods   Welded steel frames - Plascoat PPA 571 coated
Approvals   WRAS



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