Fire Sprinkler Training

“We want to help push the industry forward with innovation and education.”

At Project Fire, we have built up over 40 years of experience in automatic fire sprinkler testing and monitoring and continue to be a driving force for innovation, sustainability, and best practice within the industry. We use our experience to provide educational programs across the UK and internationally, providing clear and updated information on fire sprinklers as well as generating both awareness and providing deep cross-sector sprinkler knowledge.

As industry leaders, we offer unique and bespoke sprinkler training and courses for international businesses and organisations from either our dedicated Technology Centre in Staffordshire or in-house training at external business premises.

High Level accredited CPD (Continual Professional Development) can be hard to find, particularly for relatively specialist topics such as fire protection and automatic fire sprinklers. Project Fire are pleased to offer either virtual or in person CPD presentations to interested parties including consulting engineers, architects and others responsible for fire protection in buildings.

The CPD sessions can be arranged for a time and date to suit you. A lunchtime slot is by far the most popular choice as this means that normal workflow for the day is not disrupted. The session normally lasts around 90 minutes; this includes a 45 minute (approximate) CPD session accompanied by a 15 minute product presentation, this allows 30 minutes for follow-up questions and discussions.

Project Fire are members of the CPD accreditation service who approve each of our presentations for its suitability and educational value. Each person who attends the CPD session will be given a detailed handout sheet and a certificate of attendance.

“Ideal for consultants, architects, M&E contractors, public health engineers or anyone looking to further their knowledge of fire safety.”

Project Fire provides comprehensive and highly tailored CPD courses spanning the engineering and consultancy sectors. We tailor each CPD course around individual business requirements and have successfully trained over 2,500 people from companies including Arup, Aecom, Tenos, WSP, Hoare Lea, Ramboll and Bouygues. We have also worked closely with leading organisations such as SoPhe, RIFA, RICS as well several universities and Local Councils to provide innovative and interactive sprinkler CPD courses.

We have a growing range of topics to choose from, which are all accredited by the CPD Certification Service, including:

  • An Overview of Fire Sprinkler Systems (BS EN 12845)
  • Water Supplies for Sprinkler Systems
  • Residential and Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems (BS 9251)
  • Fire Sprinklers and Watermist Systems: A Comparison
  • Extent of Sprinkler Protection in Buildings

Once our CPDs are completed, each participant receives an official CPD certificate attesting their presence and their successfully completion of the course.

Fire Sprinkler Academy Courses

We provide on-site training and educational manufacturing placements which can be up-scaled and tailored around individual requirements. We have our very own Technology Centre in Staffordshire where our dedicated development and engineering team offer in-depth training courses which are designed for each unique business and organisation.

The placements include:

  • Factory tour which includes live demonstrations of our innovative products
  • A look at the latest UK and EU regulations and recommendations (including BS EN 12845 and BS 9251, including the 2021 updates)
  • A specialised and bespoke CPD tailored around the needs of the attendees
  • On-site and hands-on training at our tech centre
  • Basics of sprinkler systems including the difference between life safety and property protection
  • Different water supplies for automatic sprinkler systems
  • Residential and commercial sprinkler systems
  • Sprinkler service and maintenance requirements
  • Pipe sizing worksheet
  • Sprinkler head varieties and layout worksheet
  • Fire pump training including practical training in performing the weekly checks
  • The practical task to assemble CPVC pipework to then test for leaks
  • Build your own Zonecheck and see if it passes the pressure test
  • Get hands-on with our LiveTap drill

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