Broadway Gets State-of-the-Art Fire System


Bradford Broadway is a £260 million shopping complex located in the heart of Yorkshire. The development which incorporates over 70 restaurants, cafes and shops including a double-height mall is expected to employ around 2,500 people and provide a much needed boost to the local area.


The centre attracted 250,000 visitors in its first four days of trading and is at the heart of the “Connecting the City” project, providing new links to the major quarters of the city centre. The development is predicted to increase catchment spend potential across Bradford by 78% whilst boosting footfall across the city by 40%.



Flow-switch Testing

Behind the scenes at shopping centres world-wide, Zonecheck has been the gold standard flow-switch testing solution as it allows for each retail unit to be responsible for their own flow-switch testing in an easy and sustainable manner without the need for contractors to come to the store and drain water manually.


Bradford Broadway shopping centre has gone one step further by adopting the very latest in fire sprinkler management technology which utilises a smart, central controller that performs automatic soft tests of the system’s flow-switches every week without triggering any alarms. As a life-safety graded development, the UL approved fire detection system –Zonecheck Addressable provided huge benefits to the building management team at Bradford Broadway.



Located in the shopping centre’s BMS (Building Management Suite) the controller is able to automatically manage the system’s flow-switch fire detection alarm and testing routine. This enabled 33 zones that made up the landlord’s area to be tested with no false alarms and no co-ordination with centre management.



"The Addressable system has dramatically simplified testing at the Westfields Centre."



Using Zonecheck Addressable at a centre like this negates, the need for centre management to co-ordinate with tenants for testing, removing all the hassle. Zonecheck Addressable is setup to run silently and automatically in the background whilst keeping time and date stamped records that tests are being done and therefore complying with the codes.



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