The number one reason sprinklers fail is due to closed valves. A section of a sprinkler system is usually taken offline or ‘shut off’ for planned or unplanned maintenance by closing its local valve. When we say a system is shut off, we mean a control valve is closed which stops water flow past a certain section and from ultimately reaching the sprinkler heads.

All valves controlling the flow of water on a sprinkler system designed to BS EN 12845 should be exercised on a quarterly basis and monitored for the correct position. Zonecheck Addressable provides provisions for the monitoring and remote testing of zone valves.

Wet alarms valves installed on systems designed to BS EN 12845 are required by law to be tested on a weekly basis.

It is mandatory for systems designed to BS EN 12845 all that flow-switches installed on a system are tested quarterly. This test normally requires engineers to locate and open drain valves and discharge water from the system. Zonecheck and Firepod can carry out this test automatically, saving 100% of the water.

Where a sprinkler system is installed for purposes of life safety, legislators, clients, consultants, and fire sprinkler contractors should be aware that the specified works and design shall comply with life safety standards stated in approved document B. Technical Bulletins do make some enhancements regarding life safety that also extend to the “upkeep” (by employing TB 203 as a replacement to clause 20) and therefore TBs are often specified for life safety sprinkler systems (even though they are optional).