Yes, Revit families have been created for all types of Firepods. Please contact us to request the files and we will send them over to you.

Firepods come with adjustable feet in order to get the units level and firm. Firepods also come with adjustable wall brackets to secure the unit in place with anchor bolts or similar. If required, the Firepod can also be secure to the floor.

Firepods have been designed with easy installation in mind. The frames are designed to allow fork lifts and pallet trucks to move the units without damaging any pre-installed equipment or wiring.

Yes, all our Firepods have a consistent dimension from floor to the centre of pipe meaning they can be easily connected together even when mixing sizes. Our Zonecehck Firepods are designed to fit together for larger number of zones (three or more). When joined together, all equipment is still accessible for testing and maintenance purposes.

Our Firepods share many of the advantages of other pre-fabricated units which are constructed off-site including reducing on-site labour, fast installation, increased quality control measures and better co-ordination by planning the exact design ahead. Firepods were designed in 3D CAD to be space efficient whilst retaining the ability to access all equipment for future servicing/maintenance works. Firepods save riser space and plant space by knowing the exact size of the units in advance, rather than agreeing a space for the on-site installers to work within. Firepods can also save money in capital costs by reducing onsite labour and expensive prelims this entails. Delivery is also a problem for most large construction sites with deliveries having to be booked on and then stored on-site; with Firepod, the amount of deliveries is significantly reduced and they can placed in position straight away meaning no storage or security worries. Each and every Firepod is pressure tested and electrically testes before being delivered to site meaning that the reparation works on-site are reduced.

Firepods are pre-fabricated units designed for two key areas of a sprinkler system; namely the start of sprinkler zones and sprinkler installations. Apart from the water supply, the majority of the rest of a sprinkler system is just pipe and sprinkler heads but these two key areas contain important additional equipment which takes time to install on-site. The start of a sprinkler installation typically contains an alarm valve, trim including pressure-switch, pressure gauges, monitored isolation valves and more. The start of a sprinkler zone typically contains a Zonecheck (inclusive of flow-switch), monitored isolation valve and drain function. Our Firepods contain all of the approved equipment you will need for installations and zones in a pre-fabricated, pre-tested unit which is manufactured off-site ready for easy delivery and fast installation.