Yes, we hold approvals for the system and fittings from LPCB, VdS, FM and UL. This system is the only approved method for drilling into live sprinkler pipework and has proven to be safe and reliable since it launched in the early 2000s.

Our training course will run through the theory behind Livetap before progressing onto dry cutting to get to grips with the equipment; once this is completed, students will move on to use Livetap on our live sprinkler system. The day finishes with instruction on how to disassemble and clean the drill before a small exam to test knowledge gained during the day.

Toolkits and fittings are available from Project Fire Products Ltd. However, in line with approval mandates, a training course (typically one day) must be completed before purchase. Please contact us for more details.

Livetap is compatible with our range of fittings including drain valve (Kwik Drain), sprinkler tees (No Drain T) and Zonecheck Live which allows for a Zonecheck to be fitted around an existing Zonecheck.

Livetap allows for sprinkler modifications and additions without draining down. Pipework can be drilled with the water remaining at pressure within the pipe. This has many advantages including saving a large amount of time and water.