There are various additional requirement to ensure that Pressurecheck will work correctly and reliability, please contact us for a full list of prerequisites including space, plinth/mounting surface, electrical, temperature, drainage and town main connection.


Presurecheck is roughly 3.4m long by 2.3m wide by 2.3m high. It is made up of five principle frames and a sectional tank (AVC) which means that it can be broken down into sections small enough to fit through a standard doorway. This makes for easy delivery and installation in tight spaces. Please contact us for a full list of prerequisites including require access space around the unit.

Pressurecheck uses suitability approved components such as WRAS approved RPZ and butterfly valves and LPCB approved fire pump and signalling. It is designed to be compliant with WRAS regulations and BSEN 12845 code standards.

As an engineered solution, Pressurecheck is not limited to particular applications but has most commonly been used for retro-fit applications where water pressure from the existing town main connection was not longer suitable. Other applications for Pressurecheck include car parks and small commercial areas of a mixed use residential project and new build projects where space for a traditional water storage tanks is ruled out.

Pressurecheck is a town main boosting system designed for automatic fire sprinkler systems. It boosts town main pressure using a WRAS compliant methodology, to facilitate the use of a town main supply where otherwise it would not be suitable. Pressurecheck is factory assembled, checked and tested before being delivered to site as a complete unit or in sections.