Zonecheck is approved by LPCB, UL, FM and VdS (as well as other local approvals), Zonecheck Addressable as an entire system has also been approved by UL.

Up to 1000 IMMs can be wired in a single loop to a Zonecheck Addressable controller. The loop maximum loop length is 3km (when using 1.5mm2 conductors) and 4.5km (when using 2.5mm2 conductors).

Yes. Zonecheck Addressable is specifically compatible with Kentec Syncro fire panels and BMS systems using the SCADA Modbus protocols but can be used with most all panels and systems in other ways. Please talk to one of the technical team at Project Fire for more information.

Yes, Zonecheck Addressable has been designed to accept signals from other equipment such as Gemini, Bellcheck, trace heating modules, pump house signals and additional stop valves.

Each Zonecheck Addressable is supplied with an IMM. These IMMs are required to be wired to mains power, to the Zonecheck pump and the flow-switch. All IMMs are then wired in a loop back to a central Zonecheck Addressable Controller and printer which also requires mains power. Zonecheck Addressable can be configured in different ways to suit customer requirements which commonly includes wiring the monitored zone valves into the IMMs for increased functionality.

Zonecheck Addressable is a Zonecheck which is controlled and monitored via a central controller specifically designed by Project Fire. The Zonecheck unit (comprised of flow-switch, circulating pump and test line), is wired to an IMM (intelligent monitoring module) instead of the key-switch which can be found on non-addressable versions. The IMMs are linked to a Zonecheck Addressable Controller where all testing, monitoring and record keeping for flow-switch testing and more can be achieved from one central location.