Zonecheck Retro-fit is designed to be installed on a system with existing flow-switches, two mechanical tees are fitted to either side creating a closed loop so that water can be circulated around the the flow-switch that was previously installed.

Yes, the unit is pressure tested with water to 20 bar and all fully electrically tested before shipping.

Yes, Zonecheck V comes fully pre-wired. The key-switch is wired to the flow-switch, pump and monitored valve via male/female connectors and is supplied with a commissioning lead. This means that the unit can be fully functionally tested and commissioned in advance of fire and fault signals being connected to a centralised system.

Zonecheck comes supplied with a fused 3-pin plug for easy commissioning. Depended on the size of the unit and specification, Zonecheck V requires up to 1A (at 230V) and so when hard wiring, we recommend that the key-switch is wired to a 3A fused spur.

Our standard unit comes with either Victaulic Firelock 705 monitored butterfly valves (LPCB, VdS, UL and FM approved) or alternatively a Reliable REL_BFG 300 (FM and UL approved).

Our key-switch (included with Zonecheck V) comes pre-wired to the flow-switch and to the monitored valve. Once the sprinkler pipework is charged with water and power is connected to the key-switch both the flow-switch and monitored valve can be commissioned, with signals on the key-switch showing correct function. Electrical engineers can then take an additional fire signal from the flow-switch and an additional fault signal from the monitored valve onwards to a centralised alarm system at a later date.

Sprinkler zones always require a water flow detector (typically a flow-switch) and an isolation valve (typically a monitored butterfly valve) and these two items are normally installed next to next to each other. To further save on labour and installation time, Zonecheck V combines our approved flow-switch testing device, Zonecheck, with an approved monitored butterfly valve. These two items come pre-assembled and pre-wired meaning that the sprinkler contractor can install, commission and demonstrate the correct function of both the flow-switch and the isolation valve more quickly.

Full installation and operating instructions can be found in our instruction booklet, please ask for a copy to be emailed to you. Please note that a flow-switch test using Zonecheck will NOT discharge any water but will likely result in a fire signal being generated. To activate a flow-switch test, turn the key in the key-switch to “self test”, at this point the “Pump Running” LED should illuminate. After a brief period (up to 60s) the “flow-switch” LED should illuminate to indicate a successful test. Record the testing being completed and return the key-switch to “stand-by” mode.

Power requirements vary slightly depending on specification, maximum across the range is 195W and 1 amp. We recommend 3A fused spurs for supplying power to key-switches. See individual data sheets for more information.

Our standard Zonecheck comes with a key-switch which requires mains power. The key-switch is wired to the pump and also to the flow-switch. Finally, just like a typical installation, the flow-switch also requires wiring to a central alarm panel or system. Full wiring information can be found on our data sheet and instruction booklet. We also have pre-wired Zonechecks available, please ask for more details.