Yes. Although no approval is generally required for automatic fire sprinkler products in residential buildings, our galvanised units are LPCB approved and our CPVC units have been certified by Warrington Fire.

Yes, there are many options. First of all there is the choice between galvanised steel and CPVC plastic. All our units are available in left and right handed versions but the CPVC versions are also available in two different form formats, one for riser spaces where the unit will be installed vertically and one for void spaces where the unit will be installed horizontally. The idea of these formats is to save valuable space, please download our data sheet for more information. Furthermore, our CPVC versions come with either a standard drain valve or full-sized drain valve and a pressure gauge.

Yes. With the addition of a Zonecheck Addressable Controller, Zonecheck Residential can be connected to IMMs to form an addressable system which can perform remote and automatic testing and monitoring of flow-switches in larger or mixed-use residential buildings. You can also wire our residential monitored valve to the same IMM for monitoring purposes. For more information please see our Zonecheck Addressable page.

Zonecheck Residential has three options for testing. Firstly, our mini-switch offers a no-frills approach with simple on-off functionality, our regular Zonecheck key-switch offers additional security, feedback and grouping features and finally, Zonecheck Residential is also fully compatible with our Zonecheck Addressable technology.

Zonecheck Residential is simply a smaller version of our Zonecheck unit designed for residential applications. The unit is still made up of an approved flow-switch and circulation line to allow for easy and sustainable flow-switch testing in accordance with residential sprinkler code standards. When the pump is activated, water flows through the flow-switch in a closed loop which activates the flow-switch using water at an appropriate flow-rate with no water being discharged.