The number one reason sprinklers fail is due to closed valves. A section of a sprinkler system is usually taken offline or ‘shut off’ for planned or unplanned maintenance by closing its local valve. When we say a system is shut off, we mean a control valve is closed which stops water flow past a certain section and from ultimately reaching the sprinkler heads.

Zonecheck Retro-fit is designed to be installed on a system with existing flow-switches, two mechanical tees are fitted to either side creating a closed loop so that water can be circulated around the the flow-switch that was previously installed.

A suitable water supply should be chosen depending on the application. There are several types that can be used, a mains water supply (mains pressure only; or mains with booster pump) or stored water supply (pump supplied from a water tank; regulated pressurised vessel or gravity fed water system).

All residential buildings over 11m high must have a fire sprinkler system installed.

All valves on a system designed BS 9251 (except category 1) that control the flow of water to a system should be electrically monitored for the correct open position.

It is mandatory for systems designed to BS 9251 all flow-switches installed on a system are tested annually to determine they are functioning as designed. Zonecheck Residential can carry out this test automatically, saving 100% of the water.

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