Sprinkler Academy

“The Project Fire Academy is a fantastic opportunity to develop your knowledge of automatic fire sprinkler systems whilst also spending time in a thriving R&D manufacturing environment.”

The Sprinkler Academy takes place at Project Fire’s headquarters in Staffordshire, it’s a varied and dynamic course with hybrid classroom and practical based learning.

We use our experience to provide educational programs across the UK and internationally, providing clear and updated information on fire sprinklers as well as generating both awareness and providing deep cross-sector sprinkler knowledge. As industry leaders, we offer unique and bespoke sprinkler training and courses for international businesses and organisations from our Technology Centre in Staffordshire.

As a forward thinking company we strive to innovate and advance the fire protection industry to make use of the latest technologies creating safer, greener buildings.



  • Factory tour which includes live demonstrations of our innovative products
  • A look at the latest UK and EU regulations and recommendations (including BS EN 12845 and BS 9251, including the 2021 updates)
  • A specialised and bespoke CPD tailored around the needs of the attendees
  • On-site and hands-on training at our tech centre
  • Basics of sprinkler systems including the difference between life safety and property protection
  • Different water supplies for automatic sprinkler systems
  • Residential and commercial sprinkler systems
  • Sprinkler service and maintenance requirements
  • Pipe sizing worksheet
  • Sprinkler head varieties and layout worksheet
  • Fire pump training including practical training in performing the weekly checks
  • The practical task to assemble CPVC pipework to then test for leaks
  • Build your own Zonecheck and see if it passes the pressure test
  • Get hands-on with our Livetap drill

“This course is specifically for building consultants, architects, public health engineers.”


The Sprinkler Academy covers a full range of specialist subjects with presentations by guest speakers from some of the leading companies within the fire protection industry. Below is a range of topics we can cover over 2 days course depending on your requirements. We can also tailor each course, making sure to cover any topics that you have a particular interest in (we find this is useful when delegates have a specialist project coming up). The course is held at our offices in Staffordshire.

Sprinkler basics (part 1)Session will cover the basics of all the major components of an automatic fire sprinkler system as well as facts and figures of sprinkler activations in the UK.

Service and maintenance schedulesSession will focus on the testing, service and maintenance schedules stated in the sprinkler codes and explain what is required to remain in compliance.

Sprinkler system modifications workshop This interactive session will allow delegates to learn about the Livetap method of performing sprinkler modifications without draining down. The session will include an opportunity for delegates to get ‘hands on’ to try out the drill.

Sprinkler basics (part 2)Session will give an overview of water supplies for automatic fire sprinkler systems as well as giving an overview of head layout and design considerations.

Innovations in sprinkler testingSession will cover our Zonecheck Addressable system which performs automatic monitoring and testing of a variety of sprinkler components from a single central controller unit. The session will include live demonstrations.

Pipe fitting practicalSession will be a hands-on look at common methods of joining sprinkler pipework; grooved, screwed and solvent welded. Candidates have the opportunity to assemble pipe using these methods and then test it under pressure.

Sprinkler head layoutSession will look at the main rules which govern sprinkler head layout and then give candidates an opportunity to place heads onto some example buildings.

Residential sprinkler systemsSession will look at automatic fire sprinkler systems specifically for domestic and residential buildings. BS 9251 will be used as the main reference document.

Extent of sprinkler protectionSession will look at permitted exceptions of sprinkler protection and methods for protecting areas of building such as server rooms where water discharge would cause expensive damage.

Fire pumpsSession lead by SPP (subject to availability). This session will look at common fire pump designs, pump curves, pump selection and latest innovations. In addition, delegates will have the opportunity to see inside fire pumps and ask any questions.

Manufacturing ZonechecksThis practical session will allow delegates to learn in detail about the assembly process of Zonecheck by having a go themselves. These units will be tested the following day to see if they can pass the water pressure test.

PrefabricationSession will cover all aspects of our Firepods, from CAD design, manufacturing, installation, on-going use and cost savings benefits.

Sprinkler pressure calculations Session will look at how to calculate frictional losses within sprinkler pipework with some worked examples.

Water suppliesSession will look in detail at the various water supply options for automatic fire sprinkler systems. Session will include a look at our compact water supply solution, Pressurecheck.

Fire and fault signallingSession will focus on fire and fault signalling from a sprinkler system perceptive. Session will include a hands-on look at how Zonecheck Addressable manages, displays and sends on fault and fire signals to other devices.

Water mist systemsSession will look at the major differences between sprinkler systems and mist systems and discuss the advantages and disadvantages for a range of applications.

Zonecheck testingAfter building Zonechecks the previous day, these units will now go through the rigorous testing procedures that all Zonechecks experience.

Now teach usThis session is a chance for delegates to teach employees at Project Fire about an aspect of the job they do. Each delegate will be expected to give a short presentation (approx 10mins) on a topic of their choice.

Q&AIn this session, candidates are invited to provide feedback on the course and also gives an opportunity to ask any final questions they may have.

Interested in enrolling on one of our courses?

The training course is run over 2 days. Please note this course is specifically aimed at building consultants (architects, public health engineers etc.). For more information please email us at academy@projectfire.co.uk or use the booking form opposite.