Sprinkler Talk™

Sprinkler Talk is now taking on a new format. We’ll be hosting a new monthly industry podcast with special guests talking about all things sprinkler related! All episodes listed below and are assessable as an audio only podcast Spotify or video via YouTube.



Sprinkler Talk is Project Fire’s channel where we talk about all things sprinkler related, from the latest innovations, industry news, technical bulletins and solutions for making a better more sustainable fire protection industry.

Sprinkler Talk started out as a series of short educational videos, we have now taken this idea a step further with a new Continuing Professional Development (CPD) platform where we will be hosting a free 20-minute CPD webinar every week. See below for a list of available webinars and dates, please note all webinars are scheduled for 10am GMT. You can also subscribe to the Sprinkler talk! newsletter below and receive regular updates and invitations.