Honouring the late Project Fire founder.

“Bernard dedicated his life to keeping people safe.”

Bernard started his career in the HVAC industry and was a part of the fire protection industry for 40 years. After managing successful businesses for a major internationally known corporation he formed his own company, Project Fire Engineers. Project Fire quickly built up a reputation for quality design and installation, working on several prestigious projects including The British Library, MI6 Building and St Mary’s Axe (the Gherkin).

Throughout his career Bernard was actively involved with the code standards for the industry and held posts such as the Chief Technical Advisor for BAFSA. He also represented on the British Standard Institute committees for the formation and implementation of new codes for Residential Fire Protection and was very involved representing BAFSA for the introduction of schemes to set the levels of competency for designer engineers to meet recognised written code standards (LPS 1048 scheme). His last assignment was to represent them on the committee “Sprinklers for Schools.”

At the end of the nineties Bernard embarked on a vigorous R&D product development programme. This culminated in a string of successful, innovative products that focused on water and energy saving and reducing carbon footprint, pairing with his vision of being sustainable in all that we do. 

The company was one of the first in the industry to achieve ISO 14001 environmental standards and has been recognised with several awards for environmental endeavours over the years. His brainchild  Zonecheck has been installed across the globe saving millions of litres of water a year, including the tallest building in the world the Burj Khalifa.  

Bernard dedicated his life to keeping people safe and with his determination and perseverance changed the company from a UK based design and installation outfit, to a global manufacturer and thought leader within the industry.

Bernard Cain’s legacy lives on in everything we do here at Project Fire.