Introducing the new high-efficiency Zonecheck pump.

As part of our continuous improvement program, we are upgrading the Zonecheck circulation pump.

We’ve worked closely with our pump partner Wilo who supplied the original Zonecheck pump for over two decades and have made the decision to move over to a newer modernised energy efficient pump. With sustainability in mind the new pump offers better specifications while reducing energy consumption and environmental impact.

New Pump specs:

  • Meets latest EU legislation
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Long-lasting reliability
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Intelligent self-venting
  • Extended service life

The product and functionality remains exactly the same albeit built with a more energy efficient pump; it’s lighter, simplifies on-site electrical installation and is easier to maintain. It has a physically smaller footprint although the casting is the same length and the inlet and outlet are the same diameter, and therefore is compatible with older Zonecheck manifolds.

The updated Zonecheck has gone through a rigorous testing procedure in-house and is also fully approved to LPCB, UL, FM & VdS standards. For full technical details visit our comparison page here.

Products affected:

  • Zonecheck
  • Zonecheck Retro-fit
  • Zonecheck Pre-wired
  • Zonecheck Addressable
  • Zonecheck Econ Aqua (mist)
  • Zonecheck Live
  • Zonecheck Residential (galvanised)
  • Firepod


The new Zonecheck will be introduced this summer and customers can expect to receive Zonecheck’s with the new pump as early as June. We are holding a limited amount of Zonecheck’s with the original pump for replacements and for previous call off orders. If you do have any questions regarding the new pump please contact our dedicated technical support team on 01889 441552 or email