Monitors for correct position and automatically exercises zone valves.

Closed control valves are the leading cause of sprinkler system failures, fire codes require them to be inspected routinely.

Closed control valves are the leading cause of sprinkler system failures, fire codes require them to be inspected routinely (see overleaf). Valvecheck allows the remote and automatic testing of zone valves for their correct operation and position.

We see this as a major step forward in providing automated testing and monitoring for a sprinkler system, as now with the inclusion of this functionality (combined together with our current Zonecheck system) no regular access is required to sprinkler components in remote locations in the building.

Our solution will operate and fully exercise the valve, either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, dependant on the requirement and configuration of the Zonecheck Addressable system. During a test, the controller will constantly be monitoring the position of the valve, and is stopped at the calibrated fully closed point before being automatically opened after that. The system has the vital benefit of being a fail-safe ‘open’ actuator with an internal battery supply that will ensure that the valve is always in the open position under normal circumstances.

Zone valves must be tested quarterly but are often hard to access, and so, left unwired, untested and in the incorrect position, rendering the sprinkler system inoperable.

System benefits

Keep operational costs down with Valvecheck’s automated routine testing, reducing overall facilities management requirements.

The controller takes care of testing routines for you exercising the valve and checking for correct position.

Pro-active monitoring of a building’s isolation valves.

Easy compliance with Fire Codes and Regulations regarding the quarterly operation and exercising of stop valves (BS EN12845

Often zone valves are positioned in difficult, hard to reach places, with Valvecheck, no regular contractor access is required to remote locations in the building.

The actuator has an internal battery that will always ensure the valve is in the open position, even in the event of power loss.

Remote Testing

Many zone valves are located at high level or behind ceiling structures, which makes the mandatory quarterly test expensive and disruptive. Forming part of our addressable system, Valvecheck automates the process of closing and opening every zone valve ensuring that the correct fault signal is received and registered.

Valvecheck consists of an electronic actuator that attaches to a standard sapag butterfly valve via a specially designed bracket. The bracket can also be retro-fitted to existing valves depending on the model and is removable in case a manual override is required.

Code Compliance

Quarterly exercising of all control valves is a requirement of BS EN12845 Stop valves and NFPA 25 N Our addressable system is approved to UL standards.

Valvecheck is an add-on to our wider addressable sprinkler testing and monitoring system, and can be combined with Zonecheck to fully automate the quarterly testing of flow-switches and local zone valves. It can also be installed without the flow-switch testing option.


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