Simplify your flow-switch test routine.

Zonecheck is simple and sustainable solution for performing sprinkler system flow-switch tests.

Flow-switches installed on a sprinkler system are required to be tested on a quarterly basis, Conventionally during a routine test, water is discharged from the down stream end of the pipe, causing a drop in the pressure. This pressure difference across the flow-switch generates a water flow causing the flow-switch to operate.

Our Zonecheck system is the modern way to carry out this important test quickly, efficiently and inexpensively saving 100% of the water normally discharged to waste. Zonecheck simplifies testing by re-circulating the water within the pipe around the flow-switch, to simulate the flow of one sprinkler head in operation, regardless of where the Zonecheck is installed or located on the system. Zonecheck is simple and easy to use, requiring no specialist skills and this flow-switch test system can be operated at any time. It does not require evacuation of the building and therefore has no effect on normal functioning of the building.


We have re-designed our key-switch to include a new monitoring function for a local valve. The new key-switch now detects whether a connected monitored valve is left in the correct position. Electrical engineers can then take an additional fire signal from the flow-switch and an additional fault signal from the monitored valve onwards to a centralised alarm system.


“For a building with 50 flow-switches Zonecheck saves 64,000 liters of water a year. Also, as there is no water discharge, no fire pumps run to refill the system saving fuel and energy.”


With Zonecheck testing is easy. A fully code compliant test can be carried out via a simple key-switch.

Zonecheck is 100% water saving. It also indirectly save energy normally used to run large fire pumps to refill the system.

With Zonecheck, as no water is discharged, testing is easy, takes less time and requires no additional manpower.

Remote testing can be executed from a convenient location via the remote key-switch.

Zonecheck’s method of testing is the only way to accurately test to BS EN12845 code standards and only uses LPCB approved components.

Reduced maintenance, Zonecheck recirculates water within the pipe work reducing leaks and no fire pumps are run as a result of testing.


Automatic flow-switch tester, circulates water around the flow-switch so there is no need to discharge water. Comes in various models including Galvanised manifold.

Zonecheck Retro-fit

For retro-fit applications, fits around an existing flow-switch and circulates water around the it so there is no need to discharge water.


From the key-switch you can initiate a compliant test remotely simply by turning the key.

Pre-wired Loom

Pre-wired key-switch and loom for rapid site installation and commissioning.


Zonecheck has been developed to comply with all fire sprinkler system code standards including BS EN 12845, NFPA and FM. Our Zonecheck flow-switch tester is approved by LPCB, FM, UL and VdS.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a Zonecheck?
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Zonecheck is the industry standard for zoned sprinkler systems to provide an easy, reliable, sustainable and cost-effective way of conducting regular flow-switch testing. A small circulating pump creates a calculated flow of water through the flow-switch to trigger it. This triggering signal is then received by the flow-switch and central alarm panel/system to verify the test was successful. The test is conducted remotely via a key-switch without the need for specialist knowledge or draining water.

Is Zonecheck approved?
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Zonecheck is approved by; Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB), Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Factory Mutual (FM) and VdS. It is sold all over the world and also holds many country specific approvals.

How do I activate a flow-switch test?
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Full installation and operating instructions can be found in our instruction booklet, please ask for a copy to be emailed to you. Please note that a flow-switch test using Zonecheck will NOT discharge any water but will likely result in a fire signal being generated. To activate a flow-switch test, turn the key in the key-switch to “self test”, at this point the “Pump Running” LED should illuminate. After a brief period (up to 60s) the “flow-switch” LED should illuminate to indicate a successful test. Record the testing being completed and return the key-switch to “stand-by” mode.

What additional wiring is required?
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Our standard Zonecheck comes with a key-switch which requires mains power. The key-switch is wired to the pump and also to the flow-switch. Finally, just like a typical installation, the flow-switch also requires wiring to a central alarm panel or system. Full wiring information can be found on our data sheet and instruction booklet. We also have pre-wired Zonechecks available, please ask for more details.

What is Zonecheck Retro-fit?
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Zonecheck Retro-fit is designed to be installed on a system with existing flow-switches, two mechanical tees are fitted to either side creating a closed loop so that water can be circulated around the the flow-switch that was previously installed.